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The Notorious Elinor Lee

The Notorious Elinor Lee

Release Date: 1940-01-01 (81 years ago)
Gladys Williams
Elinor Lee
Gladys Williams was:
Robert Earl Jones
Benny Blue
Robert Earl Jones was:
Carman Newsome
Norman Haywood
Carman Newsome was:
Edna Mae Harris
Fredi Welsh
Edna Mae Harris was:
Vera Burelle
Sherry Johnson
Vera Burelle was:
Eddie Lemons
Eddie Lemons was:
Juano Hernández
John Arthur
Juano Hernández was:
Columbus Jackson
Crocker Jackson
Columbus Jackson was:
Laura Bowman
Benny's mother
Laura Bowman was:
Madeline Donegan
Madeline Donegan was:
Amanda Randolph
Mary's mother
Amanda Randolph was:
Robert Paquin
Robert Paquin was:
Oscar Polk
Oscar Polk was:
Charles La Torre
Charles La Torre was:
Don De Leo
Don De Leo was:
Abe Simon
Abe Simon was:
Sandy McDonald
Sandy McDonald was:
Harry Kadison
Max Wagner
Harry Kadison was:
Lew Hearn
Joe Grim
Lew Hearn was:
Jack Effrat
Chief reporter
Jack Effrat was:
Harry Ballou
Harry Ballou was:
Sam Taub
Sam Taub was:
Lew Goldberg
Lew Goldberg was:
Rubberneck Holmes
Rubberneck Holmes was:
Kenneth Freeman
Kenneth Freeman was:
Sally Gooding
Sally Gooding was:
Sonny Chorre
Sonny Chorre was:
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