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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Man Who Understood Women

The Man Who Understood Women

Release Date: 1959-10-02 (61 years ago)
Leslie Caron
Ann Garantier
Leslie Caron was:
Henry Fonda
Willie Bauche
Henry Fonda was:
Cesare Danova
Major Marco Ranieri
Cesare Danova was:
Myron McCormick
Myron McCormick was:
Marcel Dalio
Le Marne
Marcel Dalio was:
Conrad Nagel
G.K. Brody
Conrad Nagel was:
Edwin Jerome
The Baron
Edwin Jerome was:
Bern Hoffman
Bern Hoffman was:
Harry Ellerbe
Norman Kress
Harry Ellerbe was:
Frank Cady
John Milstead
Frank Cady was:
Ben Astar
French Doctor
Ben Astar was:
Booth Colman
Max (uncredited)
Booth Colman was:
Jay Jostyn
Ted – Director (uncredited)
Jay Jostyn was:
George Davis
Robert – Cafe Waiter (uncredited)
George Davis was:
Richard Deacon
Rossi (uncredited)
Richard Deacon was:
Jack Kruschen
Mickey (uncredited)
Jack Kruschen was:
Alphonse Martell
Paul – Headwater (uncredited)
Alphonse Martell was:
Louis Mercier
Pedro – Bartender (uncredited)
Louis Mercier was:
Jacqueline Beer
French Singer (uncredited)
Jacqueline Beer was:
Renate Hoy
French Singer (uncredited)
Renate Hoy was:
Lilane Taekenans
French Singer (uncredited)
Lilane Taekenans was:
Ann Codee
French Maid (uncredited)
Ann Codee was:
Raymond Renard
Minister (uncredited)
Raymond Renard was:
Charles La Torre
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Charles La Torre was:
Evan Trevor Thompson
Assistant Director (uncredited)
Evan Trevor Thompson was:
Tom Greenway
Studio Cameraman (uncredited)
Tom Greenway was:
Edith Clair
Script Girl (uncredited)
Edith Clair was:
Jack Chefe
Waiter at Costume Party (uncredited)
Jack Chefe was:
Henry Norell
Apartment Tenant in Lobby (uncredited)
Henry Norell was:
Jonathan Hole
Interviewer at Premiere (uncredited)
Jonathan Hole was:
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