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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Talk About a Stranger

Talk About a Stranger

Release Date: 1952-04-18 (69 years ago)
George Murphy
Robert Fontaine Sr.
George Murphy was:
Nancy Reagan
Marge Fontaine
Nancy Reagan was:
Billy Gray
Robert 'Bud' Fontaine Jr.
Billy Gray was:
Lewis Stone
William J. Wardlaw
Lewis Stone was:
Kurt Kasznar
Dr. Paul Mahler / Matlock
Kurt Kasznar was:
Anna Glomb
Camille Wardlaw
Anna Glomb was:
Stanley Andrews
Mr. Wetzell
Stanley Andrews was:
Maude Wallace
Mrs. Wetzell
Maude Wallace was:
Virginia Farmer
Mrs. Campbell
Virginia Farmer was:
Katherine Warren
Mrs. Dorothy Mahler
Katherine Warren was:
Ed Cassidy
Ed Cassidy was:
Harry Hines
Harry Hines was:
Leslie K. O'Pace
Leslie K. O'Pace was:
William Tannen
William Tannen was:
Tudor Owen
Sergeant Magnusson
Tudor Owen was:
Kathleen Freeman
Rosa, Grocery Clerk
Kathleen Freeman was:
Charles La Torre
Batastini, Grocer
Charles La Torre was:
Harry Lauter
Clarence, Bookkeeper
Harry Lauter was:
Ralph Moody
Shaw, Hardware Storekeeper
Ralph Moody was:
Teddy Infuhr
Gregory, Boy in San Sala
Teddy Infuhr was:
Burt Mustin
Mr. Nicely, Jeweler
Burt Mustin was:
Dan Riss
Mr. Taylor, Butcher
Dan Riss was:
Jon Gardner
Jon Gardner was:
Donald Gordon
Donald Gordon was:
Gary Stewart
Gary Stewart was:
Wayne A. Farlow
Twin Boy
Wayne A. Farlow was:
Warren Farlow
Twin Boy
Warren Farlow was:
Alvy Moore
Sailor on Motorcycle
Alvy Moore was:
Cosmo Sardo
Cosmo Sardo was:
Mitchell Lewis
Orchard Owner
Mitchell Lewis was:
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