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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Secret Service In Darkest Africa

Secret Service In Darkest Africa

Release Date: 1943-07-24 (78 years ago)
Rod Cameron
Rex Bennett
Rod Cameron was:
Joan Marsh
Janet Blake
Joan Marsh was:
Duncan Renaldo
Capt. Pierre LaSalle
Duncan Renaldo was:
Lionel Royce
Baron von Rommler / Sultan Abou Ben Ali
Lionel Royce was:
Kurt Kreuger
Ernst Muller
Kurt Kreuger was:
Frederic Brunn
Frederic Brunn was:
Sigfrid Tor
Sigfrid Tor was:
Georges Renavent
Georges Renavent was:
Kurt Katch
Kurt Hauptmann
Kurt Katch was:
Ralf Harolde
River Boat Captain
Ralf Harolde was:
Wilhelm von Brincken
Capt. Boschert
Wilhelm von Brincken was:
William Yetter Sr.
Submarine Commandant
William Yetter Sr. was:
Hans von Morhart
Submarine First Officer
Hans von Morhart was:
Frederick Worlock
Sir James Langley
Frederick Worlock was:
Ed Agresti
French Officer
Ed Agresti was:
Frank Alten
Frank Alten was:
Nino Bellini
French Supply Terminal Officer
Nino Bellini was:
John Bleifer
John Bleifer was:
Jack Chefe
French Soldier with Bomb Detector
Jack Chefe was:
John Daheim
Cave Heavy
John Daheim was:
John Davidson
John Davidson was:
George DeNormand
George DeNormand was:
Walter Fenner
Sheik Fedallah
Walter Fenner was:
Bud Geary
Bud Geary was:
Reed Howes
American Officer
Reed Howes was:
Jack La Rue
Jack La Rue was:
Charles La Torre
Charles La Torre was:
Emily LaRue
Emily LaRue was:
George J. Lewis
George J. Lewis was:
Carey Loftin
Carey Loftin was:
Paul Marion
Paul Marion was:
Jack O'Shea
Jack O'Shea was:
Eddie Parker
Karl Koche
Eddie Parker was:
Eddie Phillips
Eddie Phillips was:
Buddy Roosevelt
Buddy Roosevelt was:
Ken Terrell
Ken Terrell was:
Anthony Warde
Anthony Warde was:
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