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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Mission to Moscow

Mission to Moscow

Release Date: 1943-04-29 (78 years ago)
Walter Huston
Ambassador Joseph E. Davies
Walter Huston was:
Ann Harding
Marjorie Davis
Ann Harding was:
Oskar Homolka
Maxim Litvinov
Oskar Homolka was:
George Tobias
George Tobias was:
Gene Lockhart
Viatcheslav Molotov
Gene Lockhart was:
Eleanor Parker
Emlen Davies
Eleanor Parker was:
Richard Travis
Richard Travis was:
Helmut Dantine
Maj. Kamenev
Helmut Dantine was:
Victor Francen
Vyshinsky, chief trial prosecutor
Victor Francen was:
Henry Daniell
Minister von Ribbentrop
Henry Daniell was:
Barbara Everest
Mrs. Litvinov
Barbara Everest was:
Dudley Field Malone
Winston Churchill
Dudley Field Malone was:
Roman Bohnen
Mr. Krestinsky
Roman Bohnen was:
Maria Palmer
Tanya Litvinov
Maria Palmer was:
Moroni Olsen
Col. Faymonville
Moroni Olsen was:
Minor Watson
Loy Henderson
Minor Watson was:
Vladimir Sokoloff
Mikhail Kalinin, USSR president
Vladimir Sokoloff was:
Maurice Schwartz
Dr. Botkin
Maurice Schwartz was:
Joseph E. Davies
Self - in Prologue
Joseph E. Davies was:
Ernst Hauessermann
Ship's Steward
Ernst Hauessermann was:
John Abbott
Grinko (uncredited)
John Abbott was:
Ernie Adams
Heckler (uncredited)
Ernie Adams was:
Ed Agresti
Second Trial Judge (uncredited)
Ed Agresti was:
Alex Akimoff
O.G.P.U. Man (uncredited)
Alex Akimoff was:
Fred Aldrich
Man at Bar in Montage (uncredited)
Fred Aldrich was:
Demetrius Alexis
O.G.P.U. Man (uncredited)
Demetrius Alexis was:
Elizabeth Archer
Elderly Woman (uncredited)
Elizabeth Archer was:
Louis V. Arco
Train Announcer (uncredited)
Louis V. Arco was:
Sam Ash
American Senator (uncredited)
Sam Ash was:
Herbert Ashley
Electrician at Madison Square Garden (uncredited)
Herbert Ashley was:
Hooper Atchley
Father (uncredited)
Hooper Atchley was:
Robert Baikoff
Soldier (uncredited)
Robert Baikoff was:
Felix Basch
Dr. Hjalmar Schacht - Banker (uncredited)
Felix Basch was:
Nino Bellini
Italian Reporter (uncredited)
Nino Bellini was:
Ted Billings
Man at Inn (uncredited)
Ted Billings was:
Tina Blagoi
Russian Woman (uncredited)
Tina Blagoi was:
Oliver Blake
Heckler (uncredited)
Oliver Blake was:
Monte Blue
Heckler (uncredited)
Monte Blue was:
Eugene Borden
M. Delbeau - French Minister (uncredited)
Eugene Borden was:
Egon Brecher
Heinrich Sahm (uncredited)
Egon Brecher was:
Barbara Brown
Well-Wisher at Train (uncredited)
Barbara Brown was:
Morgan Brown
American Delegate (uncredited)
Morgan Brown was:
Alexander Campbell
Senator (uncredited)
Alexander Campbell was:
George M. Carleton
Congressman (uncredited)
George M. Carleton was:
James Carlisle
American Senator (uncredited)
James Carlisle was:
Maurice Cass
Yugoslavian President (uncredited)
Maurice Cass was:
Nikolai Celikhovsky
Soviet Official (uncredited)
Nikolai Celikhovsky was:
Feodor Chaliapin Jr.
Shop Foreman (uncredited)
Feodor Chaliapin Jr. was:
Luke Chan
Japanese Diplomat (uncredited)
Luke Chan was:
Cyd Charisse
Galina Ulanova - Ballerina (uncredited)
Cyd Charisse was:
Jack Chefe
Newspaperman in Courtroom (uncredited)
Jack Chefe was:
Alex Chivra
Pierre Laval (uncredited)
Alex Chivra was:
Peter Chong
Japanese Ambassador Shigemitsu (uncredited)
Peter Chong was:
Virginia Christine
Maria - Beautician (uncredited)
Virginia Christine was:
Winston Churchill
Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
Winston Churchill was:
Wallis Clark
Well-wisher with Bill (uncredited)
Wallis Clark was:
Donald Clayton
Vincent Massey (uncredited)
Donald Clayton was:
Edmund Cobb
Heckler (uncredited)
Edmund Cobb was:
James Conaty
Dinner Guest (uncredited)
James Conaty was:
Harry Cording
Blacksmith (uncredited)
Harry Cording was:
Gino Corrado
Italian (uncredited)
Gino Corrado was:
Jerome Cowan
Spendler (uncredited)
Jerome Cowan was:
Noel Cravat
Workman (uncredited)
Noel Cravat was:
Joseph Crehan
Reporter (uncredited)
Joseph Crehan was:
Oliver Cross
Delegate Van deWater (uncredited)
Oliver Cross was:
Albert D'Arno
Frenchman (uncredited)
Albert D'Arno was:
Jacqueline Dalya
Russian Girl (uncredited)
Jacqueline Dalya was:
William B. Davidson
Senator (uncredited)
William B. Davidson was:
George Davis
French Reporter (uncredited)
George Davis was:
Jean De Briac
French Maniac (uncredited)
Jean De Briac was:
Leander De Cordova
Heckler (uncredited)
Leander De Cordova was:
Wally Dean
Isolaltionist (uncredited)
Wally Dean was:
Igor Dega
Litvinov's Secretary (uncredited)
Igor Dega was:
Jean Del Val
Molotov's Secretary (uncredited)
Jean Del Val was:
Lala Detolly
Russian Woman (uncredited)
Lala Detolly was:
John Dilson
American Senator (uncredited)
John Dilson was:
Warren Douglas
Emlen's Well-Wisher at Train Station (uncredited)
Warren Douglas was:
Eugene Eberle
Son (uncredited)
Eugene Eberle was:
Oliver Eckhardt
Radio Listener (uncredited)
Oliver Eckhardt was:
Anthony Eden
Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
Anthony Eden was:
Ben Erway
Heckler (uncredited)
Ben Erway was:
Fred Essler
Dutch Banker (uncredited)
Fred Essler was:
Herbert Evans
Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
Herbert Evans was:
Adolph Faylauer
German Diplomat at Train Station (uncredited)
Adolph Faylauer was:
Frank Faylen
Reporter (uncredited)
Frank Faylen was:
Frank Ferguson
American Newsman (uncredited)
Frank Ferguson was:
Robert Fischer
von Schulenberg (uncredited)
Robert Fischer was:
James Flavin
American Senator (uncredited)
James Flavin was:
Ray Flynn
Isolationist (uncredited)
Ray Flynn was:
Lee Tung Foo
Tsiang Ting Fu - Chinese Ambassador (uncredited)
Lee Tung Foo was:
Ross Ford
Johnny - Emlen's Well-Wisher at Train Station (uncredited)
Ross Ford was:
William Forrest
American Newsman (uncredited)
William Forrest was:
Patrica Fung
Chinese Girl (uncredited)
Patrica Fung was:
Jack Gardner
Newsreel Photographer (uncredited)
Jack Gardner was:
Gene Gary
Russian Foreman (uncredited)
Gene Gary was:
Art Gilmore
Commentator (uncredited)
Art Gilmore was:
Joseph W. Girard
American Senator (uncredited)
Joseph W. Girard was:
George Glebeff
O.G.P.U. Man (uncredited)
George Glebeff was:
Sam Goldenberg
Mr. Leon Trotsky (uncredited)
Sam Goldenberg was:
Ernest Golm
Fat German (uncredited)
Ernest Golm was:
Lisa Golm
Train Passenger Arriving Late (uncredited)
Lisa Golm was:
Gregory Golubeff
Commandant of the Court (uncredited)
Gregory Golubeff was:
Christine Gordon
Parachutist (uncredited)
Christine Gordon was:
William Gould
Isolationist (uncredited)
William Gould was:
Alexander Granach
Russian Air Force Officer (uncredited)
Alexander Granach was:
Jesse Graves
White House Butler (uncredited)
Jesse Graves was:
Henry Guttman
O.G.P.U. Man in Taxi (uncredited)
Henry Guttman was:
Hermann Göring
Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
Hermann Göring was:
John Hamilton
Charlie - American Newsman (uncredited)
John Hamilton was:
Lumsden Hare
Lord Chilston (uncredited)
Lumsden Hare was:
Sam Harris
Parade Spectator (uncredited)
Sam Harris was:
Henry Hebert
Isolationist (uncredited)
Henry Hebert was:
Frank Hemphill
Grandfather (uncredited)
Frank Hemphill was:
Yvonne Hendricks
Minister's Wife (uncredited)
Yvonne Hendricks was:
Louis Jean Heydt
American Newsman (uncredited)
Louis Jean Heydt was:
Herbert Heyes
Congressman (uncredited)
Herbert Heyes was:
Adolf Hitler
Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
Adolf Hitler was:
David Hoffman
Mr. Radek (uncredited)
David Hoffman was:
Mauritz Hugo
Heckler (uncredited)
Mauritz Hugo was:
Arthur Stuart Hull
Dinner Guest (uncredited)
Arthur Stuart Hull was:
Olaf Hytten
Parliament Member (uncredited)
Olaf Hytten was:
Frieda Inescort
Madame Molotov (uncredited)
Frieda Inescort was:
Ted Jacques
Machinist (uncredited)
Ted Jacques was:
Frank Jaquet
Dutch Banker (uncredited)
Frank Jaquet was:
Allen Jung
Japanese Diplomat (uncredited)
Allen Jung was:
Erwin Kalser
German Businessman (uncredited)
Erwin Kalser was:
Joseph Kamaryt
Old Russian (uncredited)
Joseph Kamaryt was:
Eddie Kane
Heckler (uncredited)
Eddie Kane was:
Zoia Karabanova
Russian Train Engineer (uncredited)
Zoia Karabanova was:
Kurt Katch
Gen. Semen Timoshenko (uncredited)
Kurt Katch was:
Edward Keane
Isolationist (uncredited)
Edward Keane was:
Kenner G. Kemp
Newspaperman (uncredited)
Kenner G. Kemp was:
Bill Kennedy
American Newsman (uncredited)
Bill Kennedy was:
Jack Kenney
Heckler (uncredited)
Jack Kenney was:
Colin Kenny
Parade Soldier Spectator (uncredited)
Colin Kenny was:
Emmett King
British Delegate (uncredited)
Emmett King was:
Manart Kippen
Joseph Stalin (uncredited)
Manart Kippen was:
Nicholas Kobliansky
O.G.P.U. Man (uncredited)
Nicholas Kobliansky was:
Al Kunde
Father (uncredited)
Al Kunde was:
Adia Kuznetzoff
O.G.P.U. Man (uncredited)
Adia Kuznetzoff was:
Charles La Torre
Rosso - Italian Ambassador (uncredited)
Charles La Torre was:
Charles Lane
Man in Kitchenin Montage (uncredited)
Charles Lane was:
Ivan Lebedeff
Mr. Rosengoltz (uncredited)
Ivan Lebedeff was:
Gabriel Lenoff
O.G.P.U. Man (uncredited)
Gabriel Lenoff was:
George Lessey
Bill - Well-wisher (uncredited)
George Lessey was:
Marion Lessing
Telephone Operator (uncredited)
Marion Lessing was:
Carl M. Leviness
Reporter (uncredited)
Carl M. Leviness was:
Adolf E. Licho
Bookseller (uncredited)
Adolf E. Licho was:
Rolf Lindau
German Reporter (uncredited)
Rolf Lindau was:
Doris Lloyd
Mrs. Churchill (uncredited)
Doris Lloyd was:
Kathleen Lockhart
Lady Chilston (uncredited)
Kathleen Lockhart was:
Arthur Loft
Man with Microphone (uncredited)
Arthur Loft was:
Wilbur Mack
American Newsman (uncredited)
Wilbur Mack was:
Rosa Margot
Russian Servant (uncredited)
Rosa Margot was:
Michael Mark
Timid Man (uncredited)
Michael Mark was:
Janet Martin
Natasha (uncredited)
Janet Martin was:
John Maxwell
Reporter at Train (uncredited)
John Maxwell was:
Mike Mazurki
Russian Machinist Workman (uncredited)
Mike Mazurki was:
Lafe McKee
Radio Listener (uncredited)
Lafe McKee was:
Frank McLure
League of Nations Official / Ball Guest (uncredited)
Frank McLure was:
Alex Melesh
Mr. Pyatakov (uncredited)
Alex Melesh was:
Marie Melesh
Young Woman (uncredited)
Marie Melesh was:
Tina Menard
Telephone Operator (uncredited)
Tina Menard was:
Harold Miller
Dancer at Ball / Congressman (uncredited)
Harold Miller was:
Howard M. Mitchell
Heckler (uncredited)
Howard M. Mitchell was:
Vyacheslav Molotov
Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
Vyacheslav Molotov was:
Clive Morgan
Anthony Eden (uncredited)
Clive Morgan was:
Forbes Murray
Isolationist (uncredited)
Forbes Murray was:
Martin Noble
Russian Officer (uncredited)
Martin Noble was:
Barry Norton
Ball Guest (uncredited)
Barry Norton was:
Field Norton
Congressman (uncredited)
Field Norton was:
Alex Novinsky
Courtroom Reporter (uncredited)
Alex Novinsky was:
Pat O'Malley
Irish-American in Montage (uncredited)
Pat O'Malley was:
Daniel Ocko
Mr. Yagoda (former O.G.P.U. Head) (uncredited)
Daniel Ocko was:
Michel Panaieff
Ulanova's Dancing Partner (uncredited)
Michel Panaieff was:
Paul Panzer
Court Attendant (uncredited)
Paul Panzer was:
Emory Parnell
Uncaring Businessman (uncredited)
Emory Parnell was:
Manuel París
Russian Military Policeman (uncredited)
Manuel París was:
Irene Pedrini
Telephone Operator (uncredited)
Irene Pedrini was:
Frank Penny
Heckler (uncredited)
Frank Penny was:
Francis Pierlot
Doctor (uncredited)
Francis Pierlot was:
René Plaissetty
Coulendre (uncredited)
René Plaissetty was:
Frank Puglia
Trial Judge Ulrich (uncredited)
Frank Puglia was:
Louis Quince
Member of Parliament (uncredited)
Louis Quince was:
Emil Rameau
Ignacy Paderewski (uncredited)
Emil Rameau was:
Frank Reicher
General von Koestrich - German ambassador (uncredited)
Frank Reicher was:
Duncan Renaldo
Italian Reporter (uncredited)
Duncan Renaldo was:
Georges Renavent
President Paul van Zeeland (uncredited)
Georges Renavent was:
Vera Richkova
Parachutist (uncredited)
Vera Richkova was:
Betty Roadman
Mother (uncredited)
Betty Roadman was:
Constantine Romanoff
Accused Member of O.G.P.U. (uncredited)
Constantine Romanoff was:
Nico Romoff
Foreman (uncredited)
Nico Romoff was:
Lionel Royce
Herr Schmidt (uncredited)
Lionel Royce was:
Richard Ryen
German Major (uncredited)
Richard Ryen was:
Loulette Sablon
Telephone Operator (uncredited)
Loulette Sablon was:
Tanya Samova
Flower Girl (uncredited)
Tanya Samova was:
Sam Savitsky
Spadebeard (uncredited)
Sam Savitsky was:
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink
German Reporter (uncredited)
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink was:
Hans Schumm
Train Gate Guard (uncredited)
Hans Schumm was:
Irina Semochenko
Parachutist (uncredited)
Irina Semochenko was:
Konstantin Shayne
Mr. Nikolai Bukharin (uncredited)
Konstantin Shayne was:
Robert Shayne
Engineer (uncredited)
Robert Shayne was:
Tamara Shayne
Russian Nurse (uncredited)
Tamara Shayne was:
Evelynne Smith
Daughter (uncredited)
Evelynne Smith was:
Leonid Snegoff
Kommodov (uncredited)
Leonid Snegoff was:
George Sorel
German Bund Member (uncredited)
George Sorel was:
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin (archive footage) (uncredited)
Joseph Stalin was:
Rudolf Steinboeck
German (uncredited)
Rudolf Steinboeck was:
Glenn Strange
Southerner in Montage (uncredited)
Glenn Strange was:
Mark Strong
Englishman (uncredited)
Mark Strong was:
Sándor Szabó
Ski Troop Lieutenant (uncredited)
Sándor Szabó was:
Ben Taggart
Guest at Davies' Speech (uncredited)
Ben Taggart was:
Mike Tellegen
O.G.P.U. Man (uncredited)
Mike Tellegen was:
Zina Torchina
Parachutist (uncredited)
Zina Torchina was:
Ivan Triesault
Mr. Tukhachevsky (Former General) (uncredited)
Ivan Triesault was:
Charles Trowbridge
Secretary of State Cordell Hull (uncredited)
Charles Trowbridge was:
Tom Tully
American Engineer in Russia (uncredited)
Tom Tully was:
Olga Uljanovskaja
Russian Nurse (uncredited)
Olga Uljanovskaja was:
Edward Van Sloan
German Diplomat in Berlin (uncredited)
Edward Van Sloan was:
Henry Victor
Herr Schufeldt - Hamburg Official (uncredited)
Henry Victor was:
Michael Visaroff
Barkov (uncredited)
Michael Visaroff was:
Ray Walker
Raymond - Davies' Butler (uncredited)
Ray Walker was:
Glen Walters
Mother (uncredited)
Glen Walters was:
Pierre Watkin
Naval Attache (uncredited)
Pierre Watkin was:
Peggy Watts
Telephone Operator (uncredited)
Peggy Watts was:
Frank Wayne
Heckler (uncredited)
Frank Wayne was:
John Wengraf
Polish Ambassador Grzybowski (uncredited)
John Wengraf was:
Mischa Westfall
Petya (uncredited)
Mischa Westfall was:
Leigh Whipper
Haile Selassie (uncredited)
Leigh Whipper was:
Marek Windheim
Mr. Sokolnikov (uncredited)
Marek Windheim was:
Joan Winfield
Telephone Operator (uncredited)
Joan Winfield was:
Isabel Withers
Well-Wisher at Train (uncredited)
Isabel Withers was:
Jean Wong
Parachutist (uncredited)
Jean Wong was:
Victor Wong
Japanese Diplomat (uncredited)
Victor Wong was:
Jack Young
President Roosevelt (uncredited)
Jack Young was:
Alfred Zeisler
German Train Conductor (uncredited)
Alfred Zeisler was:
Esther Zeitlin
Russian Woman (uncredited)
Esther Zeitlin was:
Peter Michael
German Reporter (uncredited)
Peter Michael was:
Bobby Hale
Man at Inn (uncredited)
Bobby Hale was:
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