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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Louisiana Purchase

Louisiana Purchase

Release Date: 1941-12-31 (79 years ago)
Bob Hope
Jim Taylor
Bob Hope was:
Vera Zorina
Marina Von Minden
Vera Zorina was:
Victor Moore
Sen. Oliver P. Loganberry
Victor Moore was:
Irène Bordoni
Madame Yvonne Bordelaise
Irène Bordoni was:
Dona Drake
Dona Drake was:
Raymond Walburn
Col. Davis Sr. aka Polar Bear
Raymond Walburn was:
Maxie Rosenbloom
The Shadow aka Wilson
Maxie Rosenbloom was:
Phyllis Ruth
Emmy Lou
Phyllis Ruth was:
Frank Albertson
Robert Davis, Jr.
Frank Albertson was:
Donald MacBride
Capt. Pierre Whitfield
Donald MacBride was:
Andrew Tombes
Dean Albert Manning
Andrew Tombes was:
Robert Warwick
Speaker of the House
Robert Warwick was:
Charles La Torre
Gaston, Waiter
Charles La Torre was:
Charles Laskey
Charles Laskey was:
Emory Parnell
Sam Horowitz, Lawyer
Emory Parnell was:
Iris Meredith
Lawyer's secretary
Iris Meredith was:
Catherine Craig
Catherine Craig was:
Jack Norton
Jack Norton was:
Sam McDaniel
Sam McDaniel was:
Kay Aldridge
Louisiana Belle
Kay Aldridge was:
Karin Booth
Louisiana Belle (as Katharine Booth)
Karin Booth was:
Rebel Randall
Louisiana Belle (as Alaine Brandes)
Rebel Randall was:
Barbara Britton
Louisiana Belle
Barbara Britton was:
Brooke Evans
Louisiana Belle
Brooke Evans was:
Blanche Grady
Louisiana Belle
Blanche Grady was:
Lynda Grey
Louisiana Belle
Lynda Grey was:
Margaret Hayes
Louisiana Belle
Margaret Hayes was:
Louise La Planche
Louisiana Belle
Louise La Planche was:
Barbara Slater
Louisiana Belle
Barbara Slater was:
Eleanor Stewart
Louisiana Belle
Eleanor Stewart was:
Jean Wallace
Louisiana Belle
Jean Wallace was:
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