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Background to Danger

Background to Danger

Release Date: 1943-07-03 (78 years ago)
George Raft
Joe Barton
George Raft was:
Brenda Marshall
Tamara Zaleshoff
Brenda Marshall was:
Sydney Greenstreet
Colonel Robinson
Sydney Greenstreet was:
Peter Lorre
Nikolai Zaleshoff
Peter Lorre was:
Osa Massen
Ana Remzi
Osa Massen was:
Turhan Bey
Turhan Bey was:
Willard Robertson
'Mac' McNamara
Willard Robertson was:
Kurt Katch
Kurt Katch was:
Nino Bellini
Turkish Secretary
Nino Bellini was:
Eumenio Blanco
Syrian Vendor
Eumenio Blanco was:
John Bleifer
John Bleifer was:
Walter Bonn
German Officer
Walter Bonn was:
Dick Botiller
Plane Announcer
Dick Botiller was:
Jack Chefe
Elevator Operator
Jack Chefe was:
Pedro de Cordoba
Baba - Old Turk
Pedro de Cordoba was:
Jean De Briac
Levantine Porter
Jean De Briac was:
Charles De Ravenne
Charles De Ravenne was:
Jack Deery
Man at Train Station
Jack Deery was:
Jean Del Val
Jean Del Val was:
William Edmunds
Waiter with Information
William Edmunds was:
Fernanda Eliscu
Turkish Wife on Train
Fernanda Eliscu was:
Demetris Emanuel
Turkish Official
Demetris Emanuel was:
Hassan Ezzat
Turkish Conductor
Hassan Ezzat was:
Curt Furburg
Franz Von Papen
Curt Furburg was:
Steven Geray
Ludwig Rader
Steven Geray was:
Rudy Germane
Club Patron
Rudy Germane was:
Frederick Giermann
Frederick Giermann was:
Lisa Golm
German Daughter
Lisa Golm was:
Carl Harbaugh
Carl Harbaugh was:
Carl Harbord
Minor Role
Carl Harbord was:
Yeghishe Harout
Turkish Policeman
Yeghishe Harout was:
Ernst Hauessermann
Ernst Hauessermann was:
Charles Irwin
Hotchkins - English Traveler
Charles Irwin was:
Dave Kashner
Minor Role
Dave Kashner was:
James Khan
Train Caller
James Khan was:
Manart Kippen
Manart Kippen was:
Kurt Kreuger
Kurt Kreuger was:
Charles La Torre
Moustaffa - Typesetter
Charles La Torre was:
Wagon Driver
Liparit was:
Jerry Mandy
Italian on Train
Jerry Mandy was:
Lou Marcelle
Lou Marcelle was:
Michael Mark
Hotel Night Clerk
Michael Mark was:
Georges Metaxa
L.V. Bastaki
Georges Metaxa was:
Ray Miller
Ray Miller was:
Daniel Ocko
Igor Rashenko
Daniel Ocko was:
Sylvia Opert
Nautch Dancer
Sylvia Opert was:
Nestor Paiva
Nestor Paiva was:
John Piffle
Fat Turk on Train
John Piffle was:
Paul Porcasi
Customs Official with Joe
Paul Porcasi was:
Frank Puglia
Syrian Vendor
Frank Puglia was:
Frank Reicher
Rudick - the Assasin
Frank Reicher was:
Otto Reichow
Mailler's Henchman
Otto Reichow was:
Georges Renavent
Customs Official with Ana
Georges Renavent was:
Antonio Samaniego
Antonio Samaniego was:
Cosmo Sardo
Cosmo Sardo was:
Irene Seidner
German Mother
Irene Seidner was:
Cap Somers
Cap Somers was:
Tom Steele
Thug at Newspaper Office
Tom Steele was:
Robert R. Stephenson
Robert R. Stephenson was:
Rafael Alcayde
Turkish Husband on Train
Rafael Alcayde was:
Nick Thompson
Nick Thompson was:
John Van Eyck
John Van Eyck was:
Juan Varro
Juan Varro was:
Wilhelm von Brincken
German Official
Wilhelm von Brincken was:
Hans Heinrich von Twardowski
German Officer
Hans Heinrich von Twardowski was:
Leo White
Whispering Agent
Leo White was:
Fred Wolff
Fred Wolff was:
William Yetter Sr.
Schneider - Mailler's Henchman
William Yetter Sr. was:
Alfred Zeisler
Alfred Zeisler was:
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