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A Song to Remember

A Song to Remember

Release Date: 1945-01-19 (76 years ago)
Paul Muni
Professeur Joseph Elsner
Paul Muni was:
Merle Oberon
George Sand
Merle Oberon was:
Cornel Wilde
Frédéric Chopin
Cornel Wilde was:
Nina Foch
Nina Foch was:
George Coulouris
Louis Pleyel
George Coulouris was:
Howard Freeman
Friedrich Kalkbrenner
Howard Freeman was:
Stephen Bekassy
Franz Liszt
Stephen Bekassy was:
John George
Servant (uncredited)
John George was:
Sig Arno
Henri Dupont (uncredited)
Sig Arno was:
Dawn Bender
Isabelle Chopin - Age 9 (uncredited)
Dawn Bender was:
David Bond
Lackey (uncredited)
David Bond was:
Walter Bonn
Major Domo (uncredited)
Walter Bonn was:
Eugene Borden
Duke of Orleans (uncredited)
Eugene Borden was:
William Challee
Titus (uncredited)
William Challee was:
Paul Conrad
Waiter (uncredited)
Paul Conrad was:
Gino Corrado
Man at Pleyel's (uncredited)
Gino Corrado was:
Peter Cusanelli
Balzac (uncredited)
Peter Cusanelli was:
Norma Drury
Duchess of Orleans (uncredited)
Norma Drury was:
Claire Du Brey
Madame Mercier (uncredited)
Claire Du Brey was:
Earl Easton
Albert (uncredited)
Earl Easton was:
Fern Emmett
Madame Lambert (uncredited)
Fern Emmett was:
Franklyn Farnum
Guest at Pleyel Hall Concert (uncredited)
Franklyn Farnum was:
Gregory Gaye
Young Russian (uncredited)
Gregory Gaye was:
Fay Helm
Madame Chopin (uncredited)
Fay Helm was:
Stuart Holmes
Concert Attendee (uncredited)
Stuart Holmes was:
Zoia Karabanova
Countess (uncredited)
Zoia Karabanova was:
Charles La Torre
Postman (uncredited)
Charles La Torre was:
Al Luttringer
De La Croux (uncredited)
Al Luttringer was:
George Macready
Alfred DeMusset (uncredited)
George Macready was:
Darren McGavin
Student (uncredited)
Darren McGavin was:
Sybil Merritt
Isabelle Chopin (uncredited)
Sybil Merritt was:
William H. O'Brien
Guest at Salon Concert (uncredited)
William H. O'Brien was:
Frank O'Connor
Guest at Duke of Orleans (uncredited)
Frank O'Connor was:
Alfred Paix
Headwaiter (uncredited)
Alfred Paix was:
Frank Puglia
Monsieur Jollet (uncredited)
Frank Puglia was:
William Richardson
Jan (uncredited)
William Richardson was:
Roxy Roth
Paganini (uncredited)
Roxy Roth was:
Cosmo Sardo
Lackey (uncredited)
Cosmo Sardo was:
Henry Sharp
Russian Count (uncredited)
Henry Sharp was:
Maurice Tauzin
Frédéric Chopin - Age 10 (uncredited)
Maurice Tauzin was:
Victor Travis
Man at Berlin Concert (uncredited)
Victor Travis was:
Ivan Triesault
Monsieur Chopin (uncredited)
Ivan Triesault was:
Dorothy Vernon
Guest at 1st Pleyel Concert (uncredited)
Dorothy Vernon was:
Michael Visaroff
Russian Governor (uncredited)
Michael Visaroff was:
Lucy Von Boden
Window Washer (uncredited)
Lucy Von Boden was:
Charles Wagenheim
Waiter (uncredited)
Charles Wagenheim was:
Eric Wilton
Guest at Salon Concert (uncredited)
Eric Wilton was:
Ian Wolfe
Pleyel's Clerk (uncredited)
Ian Wolfe was:
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