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A Bell for Adano

A Bell for Adano

Release Date: 1945-06-21 (76 years ago)
Gene Tierney
Tina Tomasino
Gene Tierney was:
John Hodiak
Maj. Victor P. Joppolo
John Hodiak was:
William Bendix
Sgt. Borth
William Bendix was:
Glenn Langan
Lt. Crofts Livingstone, USN
Glenn Langan was:
Richard Conte
Nicolo - Italian POW
Richard Conte was:
Stanley Prager
Sgt. Trampani
Stanley Prager was:
Harry Morgan
Capt. N. Purvis
Harry Morgan was:
Monty Banks
Monty Banks was:
Reed Hadley
Cmdr. Robertson
Reed Hadley was:
Roy Roberts
Col. W.W. Middleton - Provost Marshal
Roy Roberts was:
Hugo Haas
Father Pensovecchio
Hugo Haas was:
Marcel Dalio
Marcel Dalio was:
Fortunio Bonanova
Gargano - Chief of Police
Fortunio Bonanova was:
Henry Armetta
Errante - Cart Man
Henry Armetta was:
Roman Bohnen
Carl Erba - Cart Man
Roman Bohnen was:
Luis Alberni
Luis Alberni was:
Eduardo Ciannelli
Maj. Nasta
Eduardo Ciannelli was:
Mimi Aguglia
Rosa Tomasino
Mimi Aguglia was:
John Bagni
John Bagni was:
Attilio Barbato
Attilio Barbato was:
Ray Barons
Ray Barons was:
Valeria Caravacci
Italian Woman
Valeria Caravacci was:
Harry Carter
Harry Carter was:
Helen Ciancaglini
Soldier's Wife
Helen Ciancaglini was:
Gino Corrado
Gino Corrado was:
Franco Corsaro
Franco Corsaro was:
Elvira Curci
Italian Woman
Elvira Curci was:
Peter Cusanelli
Peter Cusanelli was:
Anna Demetrio
Anna Demetrio was:
Earl Easton
Boy Violinist
Earl Easton was:
William Edmunds
Tomasino - Fisherman
William Edmunds was:
Antonio Filauri
Italian Man
Antonio Filauri was:
Russell Hoyt
Russell Hoyt was:
Eddie Hyans
Military Policeman
Eddie Hyans was:
Frank Jaquet
Frank Jaquet was:
Ted Jordan
Ted Jordan was:
Charles Judels
Charles Judels was:
Shirley Karnes
Soldier's Wife
Shirley Karnes was:
Serge Krizman
Serge Krizman was:
Charles La Torre
Mercurio Salvatore
Charles La Torre was:
Frank Lackteen
Frank Lackteen was:
Connie Leon
Italian Woman
Connie Leon was:
Cecilia Meagher
Woman Holding Baby
Cecilia Meagher was:
Chef Milani
Chef Milani was:
Marie Monteil
Soldier's Wife
Marie Monteil was:
Edward Mundy
Emaciated Man
Edward Mundy was:
Rita Nardi
Italian Woman
Rita Nardi was:
Inez Palange
Italian Woman
Inez Palange was:
Guy Pharis
Guy Pharis was:
Nino Pipitone Jr.
Nino Pipitone Jr. was:
Mario Pirrone
Mario Pirrone was:
Eva Puig
Eva Puig was:
Rudy Rama
Italian Man
Rudy Rama was:
James Rennie
Lt. Col. Sartorius
James Rennie was:
Jerry Riggio
Jerry Riggio was:
Julian Rivero
Julian Rivero was:
John Russell
Capt. Anderson
John Russell was:
Hector V. Sarno
Hector V. Sarno was:
Alexander Sascha
Italian Man
Alexander Sascha was:
Grady Sutton
Pfc. Edward - Algiers Mail Clerk
Grady Sutton was:
Nick Thompson
Italian Man
Nick Thompson was:
Teresa Tirelli
Italian Woman
Teresa Tirelli was:
Minerva Urecal
Italian Woman
Minerva Urecal was:
Yvonne Vautrot
Francesca Tomasino
Yvonne Vautrot was:
Annina Verrone
Italian Woman
Annina Verrone was:
Minor Watson
Maj. Gen. McKay
Minor Watson was:
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