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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Fast Five

Fast Five

Release Date: Wednesday, April 20 2011 (11 years ago)
Portrait of Vin DieselVin Diesel
Dominic Toretto
Vin Diesel was:
Portrait of Paul WalkerPaul Walker
Brian O'Conner
Paul Walker was:
Portrait of Dwayne JohnsonDwayne Johnson
Luke Hobbs
Dwayne Johnson was:
Portrait of Jordana BrewsterJordana Brewster
Mia Toretto
Jordana Brewster was:
Portrait of Tyrese GibsonTyrese Gibson
Roman Pearce
Tyrese Gibson was:
Portrait of LudacrisLudacris
Tej Parker
Ludacris was:
Portrait of Matt SchulzeMatt Schulze
Matt Schulze was:
Portrait of Sung KangSung Kang
Han Lue
Sung Kang was:
Portrait of Gal GadotGal Gadot
Gisele Yashar
Gal Gadot was:
Portrait of Tego CalderonTego Calderon
Tego Leo
Tego Calderon was:
Portrait of Don OmarDon Omar
Rico Santos
Don Omar was:
Portrait of Joaquim de AlmeidaJoaquim de Almeida
Hernan Reyes
Joaquim de Almeida was:
Portrait of Elsa PatakyElsa Pataky
Elena Neves
Elsa Pataky was:
Portrait of Michael IrbyMichael Irby
Michael Irby was:
Portrait of Fernando ChienFernando Chien
Fernando Chien was:
Portrait of Alimi BallardAlimi Ballard
Alimi Ballard was:
Portrait of Yorgo ConstantineYorgo Constantine
Yorgo Constantine was:
Portrait of Geoff MeedGeoff Meed
Geoff Meed was:
Portrait of Joseph MelendezJoseph Melendez
Chief of Police Alemeida
Joseph Melendez was:
Portrait of Jeirmarie OsorioJeirmarie Osorio
Jeirmarie Osorio was:
Portrait of Mark HicksMark Hicks
Mark Hicks was:
Portrait of Esteban CuetoEsteban Cueto
Esteban Cueto was:
Portrait of Corey Michael EubanksCorey Michael Eubanks
Corey Michael Eubanks was:
Portrait of Luis Da Silva Jr.Luis Da Silva Jr.
Luis Da Silva Jr. was:
Portrait of Eva MendesEva Mendes
Monica Fuentes (uncredited)
Eva Mendes was:
Portrait of Luis GonzagaLuis Gonzaga
Cash House Door Guard (uncredited)
Luis Gonzaga was:
Portrait of Benjamin BlankenshipBenjamin Blankenship
Lead DEA Agent (uncredited)
Benjamin Blankenship was:
Portrait of Jay JacksonJay Jackson
Field Reporter (uncredited)
Jay Jackson was:
Portrait of Arlene SantanaArlene Santana
Field Reporter (uncredited)
Arlene Santana was:
Portrait of Kent ShocknekKent Shocknek
News Anchor (uncredited)
Kent Shocknek was:
Portrait of Sharon TaySharon Tay
News Anchor (uncredited)
Sharon Tay was:
Portrait of Devon AokiDevon Aoki
Suki (archive footage) (uncredited)
Devon Aoki was:
Portrait of Johnny StrongJohnny Strong
Leon (archive footage) (uncredited)
Johnny Strong was:
Portrait of Chad LindbergChad Lindberg
Jesse (archive footage) (uncredited)
Chad Lindberg was:
Portrait of Gregory Marshall SmithGregory Marshall Smith
Henchman / Train Passenger / Prison Guard (uncredited)
Gregory Marshall Smith was:
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