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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Alex Cross

Alex Cross

Release Date: Thursday, October 18 2012 (9 years ago)
Portrait of Tyler PerryTyler Perry
Dr. Alex Cross
Tyler Perry was:
Portrait of Edward BurnsEdward Burns
Tommy Kane
Edward Burns was:
Portrait of Matthew FoxMatthew Fox
Matthew Fox was:
Portrait of Rachel NicholsRachel Nichols
Monica Ashe
Rachel Nichols was:
Portrait of Carmen EjogoCarmen Ejogo
Maria Cross
Carmen Ejogo was:
Portrait of Jean RenoJean Reno
Leon Mercier
Jean Reno was:
Portrait of John C. McGinleyJohn C. McGinley
Richard Brookwell
John C. McGinley was:
Portrait of Giancarlo EspositoGiancarlo Esposito
Daramus Holiday
Giancarlo Esposito was:
Portrait of Cicely TysonCicely Tyson
Nana Mama
Cicely Tyson was:
Portrait of Chad LindbergChad Lindberg
Vincent Dardis
Chad Lindberg was:
Portrait of Stephanie JacobsenStephanie Jacobsen
Fan Yau
Stephanie Jacobsen was:
Portrait of Sonny SurowiecSonny Surowiec
Hans Friedlich
Sonny Surowiec was:
Portrait of Yara ShahidiYara Shahidi
Janelle Cross
Yara Shahidi was:
Portrait of Gary A. JonesGary A. Jones
Funeral Guest (uncredited)
Gary A. Jones was:
Portrait of Simon RheeSimon Rhee
Fan Yau Bodyguard #3
Simon Rhee was:
Portrait of Alexandra RuddyAlexandra Ruddy
Alexandra Ruddy was:
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