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Poster of Wife, Husband and Friend

Wife, Husband and Friend

Release Date: Friday, March 3 1939 (83 years ago)
Portrait of Loretta YoungLoretta Young
Doris Borland
Loretta Young was:
Portrait of Warner BaxterWarner Baxter
Leonard Borland aka Logan Bennett
Warner Baxter was:
Portrait of Binnie BarnesBinnie Barnes
Cecil Carver
Binnie Barnes was:
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of George BarbierGeorge Barbier
Major Blair
George Barbier was:
Portrait of J. Edward BrombergJ. Edward Bromberg
J. Edward Bromberg was:
Portrait of Eugene PalletteEugene Pallette
Mike Craig
Eugene Pallette was:
Portrait of Helen WestleyHelen Westley
Mrs. Blair
Helen Westley was:
Portrait of Ruth TerryRuth Terry
Ruth Terry was:
Portrait of Dorothy DearingDorothy Dearing
Mrs. Price
Dorothy Dearing was:
Portrait of George IrvingGeorge Irving
George Irving was:
Portrait of Alice ArmandAlice Armand
Sally Bostwick
Alice Armand was:
Portrait of Iva StewartIva Stewart
Miss Carver's Secretary
Iva Stewart was:
Portrait of Helen EricsonHelen Ericson
Mrs. Spalding
Helen Ericson was:
Portrait of Kay GriffithKay Griffith
Nancy Sprague
Kay Griffith was:
Portrait of Harry RosenthalHarry Rosenthal
Bill Wilkins - Pianist
Harry Rosenthal was:
Portrait of Edward CooperEdward Cooper
Edward Cooper was:
Portrait of Renie RianoRenie Riano
Mrs. Craig
Renie Riano was:
Portrait of Lawrence GrantLawrence Grant
Rudolph Hertz
Lawrence Grant was:
Portrait of Charles WilliamsCharles Williams
Charles Williams was:
Portrait of Howard HickmanHoward Hickman
Concert Manager
Howard Hickman was:
Portrait of Harry HaydenHarry Hayden
Hotel Manager
Harry Hayden was:
Portrait of Lowden AdamsLowden Adams
Lowden Adams was:
Portrait of Ralph BrooksRalph Brooks
Opera Patron
Ralph Brooks was:
Portrait of Helen BrownHelen Brown
Helen Brown was:
Portrait of Tom CarrollTom Carroll
Call Boy
Tom Carroll was:
Portrait of Julie CarterJulie Carter
Julie Carter was:
Portrait of Ruth CliffordRuth Clifford
Ruth Clifford was:
Portrait of Gino CorradoGino Corrado
Irate Opera Company Actor
Gino Corrado was:
Portrait of Mary Lou DixMary Lou Dix
Mary Lou Dix was:
Portrait of Fern EmmettFern Emmett
Fern Emmett was:
Portrait of Bess FlowersBess Flowers
Doris' Friend
Bess Flowers was:
Portrait of Robert KellardRobert Kellard
Bank Teller
Robert Kellard was:
Portrait of Gwendolyn LoganGwendolyn Logan
Mrs. Herts
Gwendolyn Logan was:
Portrait of Robert LoweryRobert Lowery
Robert Lowery was:
Portrait of Jack LudenJack Luden
Party Guest
Jack Luden was:
Portrait of Bert MoorhouseBert Moorhouse
Party Guest
Bert Moorhouse was:
Portrait of Dave MorrisDave Morris
Dave Morris was:
Portrait of Leo MostovoyLeo Mostovoy
Minor Role
Leo Mostovoy was:
Portrait of David NewellDavid Newell
Party Guest
David Newell was:
Portrait of Tom QuinnTom Quinn
Party Guest
Tom Quinn was:
Portrait of Arthur RankinArthur Rankin
Arthur Rankin was:
Portrait of Ludovico TomarchioLudovico Tomarchio
Ludovico Tomarchio was:
Portrait of Zeni VatoriZeni Vatori
Opera Singer
Zeni Vatori was:
Portrait of Cecil WestonCecil Weston
Cecil Weston was:
Portrait of Tudor WilliamsTudor Williams
Tudor Williams was:
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