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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Strongest Man in the World

The Strongest Man in the World

Release Date: Thursday, February 6 1975 (47 years ago)
Portrait of Kurt RussellKurt Russell
Dexter Riley
Kurt Russell was:
Portrait of Joe FlynnJoe Flynn
Dean Higgins
Joe Flynn was:
Portrait of Eve ArdenEve Arden
Eve Arden was:
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
A.J. Arno
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of Phil SilversPhil Silvers
Phil Silvers was:
Portrait of Dick Van PattenDick Van Patten
Dick Van Patten was:
Portrait of Harold GouldHarold Gould
Harold Gould was:
Portrait of Michael McGreeveyMichael McGreevey
Michael McGreevey was:
Portrait of Richard BakalyanRichard Bakalyan
Richard Bakalyan was:
Portrait of William SchallertWilliam Schallert
Prof. Quigley
William Schallert was:
Portrait of Benson FongBenson Fong
Ah Fong
Benson Fong was:
Portrait of James GregoryJames Gregory
Chief Blair
James Gregory was:
Portrait of John DebneyJohn Debney
John (Student)
John Debney was:
Portrait of Derrel MauryDerrel Maury
Hector (Student)
Derrel Maury was:
Portrait of David R. EllisDavid R. Ellis
David (Student)
David R. Ellis was:
Portrait of Roy RobertsRoy Roberts
Mr. Roberts
Roy Roberts was:
Portrait of Fritz FeldFritz Feld
Uncle Frederick
Fritz Feld was:
Portrait of Ronnie SchellRonnie Schell
Ronnie Schell was:
Portrait of Raymond BaileyRaymond Bailey
Regent Burns
Raymond Bailey was:
Portrait of Dick PattersonDick Patterson
Mr. Secretary
Dick Patterson was:
Portrait of Larry GelmanLarry Gelman
Larry Gelman was:
Portrait of Kathleen FreemanKathleen Freeman
Officer Hurley
Kathleen Freeman was:
Portrait of Ned WertimerNed Wertimer
Mr. Parsons
Ned Wertimer was:
Portrait of Milton FromeMilton Frome
Mr. Lufkin
Milton Frome was:
Portrait of Laurie MainLaurie Main
Mr. Reedy
Laurie Main was:
Portrait of Mary TreenMary Treen
Mary Treen was:
Portrait of Eddie QuillanEddie Quillan
Mr. Willoughby
Eddie Quillan was:
Portrait of Burt MustinBurt Mustin
Regent Appleby
Burt Mustin was:
Portrait of Arthur SpaceArthur Space
Regent Shaw
Arthur Space was:
Portrait of Bill ZuckertBill Zuckert
Bill Zuckert was:
Portrait of Larry J. BlakeLarry J. Blake
Larry J. Blake was:
Portrait of William BakewellWilliam Bakewell
William Bakewell was:
Portrait of Art MetranoArt Metrano
TV Color Man
Art Metrano was:
Portrait of Lennie WeinribLennie Weinrib
State Coach
Lennie Weinrib was:
Portrait of Francis De SalesFrancis De Sales
Regent (uncredited)
Francis De Sales was:
Portrait of Harry HolcombeHarry Holcombe
Regent (uncredited)
Harry Holcombe was:
Portrait of John HollandJohn Holland
Regent (uncredited)
John Holland was:
Portrait of Gordon JumpGordon Jump
Krinkle Krunch Executive (uncredited)
Gordon Jump was:
Portrait of Jack PerkinsJack Perkins
School Security Guard (uncredited)
Jack Perkins was:
Portrait of Cosmo SardoCosmo Sardo
Crumply Crunch Executive (uncredited)
Cosmo Sardo was:
Portrait of Jeffrey SayreJeffrey Sayre
Crumply Crunch Executive (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre was:
Portrait of Larry J. FrancoLarry J. Franco
Larry (Student)
Larry J. Franco was:
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