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Poster of The Little Princess

The Little Princess

Release Date: Friday, March 17 1939 (83 years ago)
Portrait of Shirley TempleShirley Temple
Sara Crewe
Shirley Temple was:
Portrait of Richard GreeneRichard Greene
Geoffrey Hamilton
Richard Greene was:
Portrait of Anita LouiseAnita Louise
Anita Louise was:
Portrait of Ian HunterIan Hunter
Captain Crewe
Ian Hunter was:
Portrait of Arthur TreacherArthur Treacher
Bertie Minchin
Arthur Treacher was:
Portrait of Mary NashMary Nash
Amanda Minchin
Mary Nash was:
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
Ram Dass
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of Miles ManderMiles Mander
Lord Wickham
Miles Mander was:
Portrait of Marcia Mae JonesMarcia Mae Jones
Marcia Mae Jones was:
Portrait of Beryl MercerBeryl Mercer
Queen Victoria
Beryl Mercer was:
Portrait of Deidre GaleDeidre Gale
Deidre Gale was:
Portrait of Ira StevensIra Stevens
Ira Stevens was:
Portrait of E. E. CliveE. E. Clive
Mr. Barrows
E. E. Clive was:
Portrait of Eily MalyonEily Malyon
Eily Malyon was:
Portrait of Clyde CookClyde Cook
Clyde Cook was:
Portrait of Keith HitchcockKeith Hitchcock
Keith Hitchcock was:
Portrait of Will StantonWill Stanton
Will Stanton was:
Portrait of Harry AllenHarry Allen
Harry Allen was:
Portrait of Holmes HerbertHolmes Herbert
Holmes Herbert was:
Portrait of Evan ThomasEvan Thomas
Evan Thomas was:
Portrait of Guy BellisGuy Bellis
Guy Bellis was:
Portrait of Kenneth HunterKenneth Hunter
Kenneth Hunter was:
Portrait of Lionel BrahamLionel Braham
Lionel Braham was:
Portrait of Frank BakerFrank Baker
Frank Baker was:
Portrait of Sidney BraceySidney Bracey
Pedestrian Discussing the War
Sidney Bracey was:
Portrait of Eve ConradEve Conrad
Eve Conrad was:
Portrait of Robert CoryRobert Cory
Robert Cory was:
Portrait of Herbert EvansHerbert Evans
Orderly Chasing Sara
Herbert Evans was:
Portrait of Olaf HyttenOlaf Hytten
Pedestrian Discussing the War
Olaf Hytten was:
Portrait of Lilyan IreneLilyan Irene
Lilyan Irene was:
Portrait of Charles IrwinCharles Irwin
Wounded Soldier Outside Hospital
Charles Irwin was:
Portrait of Patrick X. KerryPatrick X. Kerry
Wounded Irishman
Patrick X. Kerry was:
Portrait of Morton LowryMorton Lowry
Traumatized Young Soldier
Morton Lowry was:
Portrait of Jean MannersJean Manners
Jean Manners was:
Portrait of Vesey O'DavorenVesey O'Davoren
Vesey O'Davoren was:
Portrait of Antonia OlandAntonia Oland
Antonia Oland was:
Portrait of Rita PageRita Page
Minnie the Cook's Helper
Rita Page was:
Portrait of Hilda PlowrightHilda Plowright
Hilda Plowright was:
Portrait of Gerald RogersGerald Rogers
Pedestrian Discussing the War
Gerald Rogers was:
Portrait of Leslie SketchleyLeslie Sketchley
Leslie Sketchley was:
Portrait of Amzie StricklandAmzie Strickland
Amzie Strickland was:
Portrait of David ThursbyDavid Thursby
Orderly Sergeant
David Thursby was:
Portrait of Clare VerderaClare Verdera
Clare Verdera was:
Portrait of Sybil JasonSybil Jason
Sybil Jason was:
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