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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Tales of Manhattan

Tales of Manhattan

Release Date: Wednesday, August 5 1942 (80 years ago)
Portrait of Charles BoyerCharles Boyer
Paul Orman
Charles Boyer was:
Portrait of Rita HayworthRita Hayworth
Ethel Halloway
Rita Hayworth was:
Portrait of Ginger RogersGinger Rogers
Ginger Rogers was:
Portrait of Henry FondaHenry Fonda
Henry Fonda was:
Portrait of Charles LaughtonCharles Laughton
Charles Smith
Charles Laughton was:
Portrait of Edward G. RobinsonEdward G. Robinson
Avery L. 'Larry' Browne
Edward G. Robinson was:
Portrait of Paul RobesonPaul Robeson
Paul Robeson was:
Portrait of Ethel WatersEthel Waters
Ethel Waters was:
Portrait of Eddie 'Rochester' AndersonEddie 'Rochester' Anderson
Rev. Lazarus
Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson was:
Portrait of Thomas MitchellThomas Mitchell
John Halloway
Thomas Mitchell was:
Portrait of Eugene PalletteEugene Pallette
Luther - Orman's butler
Eugene Pallette was:
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
Harry Wilson
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of Gail PatrickGail Patrick
Ellen - Diane's friend
Gail Patrick was:
Portrait of Roland YoungRoland Young
Edgar - Wilson's butler
Roland Young was:
Portrait of Marion MartinMarion Martin
'Squirrel' Grey
Marion Martin was:
Portrait of Elsa LanchesterElsa Lanchester
Elsa (Mrs Charles) Smith
Elsa Lanchester was:
Portrait of Victor FrancenVictor Francen
Arturo Bellini - Symphony conductor
Victor Francen was:
Portrait of George SandersGeorge Sanders
George Sanders was:
Portrait of James GleasonJames Gleason
Joe - Mission Aid Society
James Gleason was:
Portrait of Harry DavenportHarry Davenport
Prof. Lyons
Harry Davenport was:
Portrait of J. Carrol NaishJ. Carrol Naish
Burglar - Robber #1
J. Carrol Naish was:
Portrait of W.C. FieldsW.C. Fields
Professor Pufflewhistle
W.C. Fields was:
Portrait of Morris AnkrumMorris Ankrum
Morris Ankrum was:
Portrait of Frank OrthFrank Orth
Secondhand Clothes Dealer (Rogers sequence)
Frank Orth was:
Portrait of Christian RubChristian Rub
Cello Player (Laughton sequence)
Christian Rub was:
Portrait of James RennieJames Rennie
H.R. 'Hank' Bronson (Robinson sequence)
James Rennie was:
Portrait of Harry HaydenHarry Hayden
'Soupy' Davis (Robinson sequence)
Harry Hayden was:
Portrait of Morris AnkrumMorris Ankrum
Judge Tom Barnes (Robinson sequence)
Morris Ankrum was:
Portrait of Donald DouglasDonald Douglas
'Hen 'Henderson (Robinson sequence) (as Don Douglas)
Donald Douglas was:
Portrait of Mae MarshMae Marsh
Molly (Robinson sequence)
Mae Marsh was:
Portrait of Clarence MuseClarence Muse
Grandpa (Robeson sequence)
Clarence Muse was:
Portrait of George ReedGeorge Reed
Christopher (Robeson sequence)
George Reed was:
Portrait of Cordell HickmanCordell Hickman
Little Nicodemus (Robeson sequence)
Cordell Hickman was:
Portrait of Paul RenayPaul Renay
'Spud' Johnson (Robinson sequence)
Paul Renay was:
Portrait of Barbara LynnBarbara Lynn
Mary (Robinson sequence)
Barbara Lynn was:
Portrait of Adeline De Walt ReynoldsAdeline De Walt Reynolds
Elsa's Old Mother (Laughton sequence)
Adeline De Walt Reynolds was:
Portrait of Helene ReynoldsHelene Reynolds
Actress (Boyer sequence)
Helene Reynolds was:
Portrait of Phil SilversPhil Silvers
First Salesman at Santelli's (uncredited)
Phil Silvers was:
Portrait of Marcel DalioMarcel Dalio
Second Salesman at Sandelli's (uncredited)
Marcel Dalio was:
Portrait of Margaret DumontMargaret Dumont
Mme. Langehanke (uncredited)
Margaret Dumont was:
Portrait of Rondo HattonRondo Hatton
Party Guest (uncredited)
Rondo Hatton was:
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