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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Street of Shadows

Street of Shadows

Release Date: Friday, October 16 1953 (69 years ago)
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of Kay KendallKay Kendall
Barbara Gale
Kay Kendall was:
Portrait of Victor MaddernVictor Maddern
Danny 'Limpy' Thomas
Victor Maddern was:
Portrait of Edward UnderdownEdward Underdown
Det. Insp. Johnstone
Edward Underdown was:
Portrait of Simone SilvaSimone Silva
Angele Abbé
Simone Silva was:
Portrait of Liam GaffneyLiam Gaffney
Constable Fred Roberts
Liam Gaffney was:
Portrait of Bill TraversBill Travers
Nigel Langley - Barbara's date
Bill Travers was:
Portrait of Molly Hawley-CliffordMolly Hawley-Clifford
"Starry" Darryl
Molly Hawley-Clifford was:
Portrait of John PenroseJohn Penrose
Gerald Gale
John Penrose was:
Portrait of Robert CawdronRobert Cawdron
Det. Sgt. Hadley
Robert Cawdron was:
Portrait of Henry PurvisHenry Purvis
Starry's Brother
Henry Purvis was:
Portrait of Paul HardtmuthPaul Hardtmuth
V. H. Mayall
Paul Hardtmuth was:
Portrait of Eileen WayEileen Way
Mrs. Thoms
Eileen Way was:
Portrait of Tony SympsonTony Sympson
Nicky the Burgler
Tony Sympson was:
Portrait of Michael KellyMichael Kelly
Seaman West, the combative "john"
Michael Kelly was:
Portrait of Fred GriffithsFred Griffiths
Fred Griffiths was:
Portrait of Jack HowarthJack Howarth
Limpy's Landlord
Jack Howarth was:
Portrait of Harry PurvisHarry Purvis
Harry Purvis was:
Portrait of Rose McLarenRose McLaren
Rose McLaren was:
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