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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Ride on Vaquero

Ride on Vaquero

Release Date: Friday, April 18 1941 (81 years ago)
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
Cisco Kid
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of Mary Beth HughesMary Beth Hughes
Sally Slocum
Mary Beth Hughes was:
Portrait of Lynne RobertsLynne Roberts
Marquerita Martinez
Lynne Roberts was:
Portrait of Chris-Pin MartinChris-Pin Martin
Chris-Pin Martin was:
Portrait of Robert LoweryRobert Lowery
Carlos Martinez
Robert Lowery was:
Portrait of Ben CarterBen Carter
Watchman Bullfinch
Ben Carter was:
Portrait of William DemarestWilliam Demarest
Bartender Barney
William Demarest was:
Portrait of Robert ShawRobert Shaw
Lieutenant Kirk
Robert Shaw was:
Portrait of Edwin MaxwellEdwin Maxwell
Dan Clark
Edwin Maxwell was:
Portrait of Paul SuttonPaul Sutton
Paul Sutton was:
Portrait of Don CostelloDon Costello
Don Costello was:
Portrait of Arthur HohlArthur Hohl
Sheriff Johnny Burns
Arthur Hohl was:
Portrait of Irving BaconIrving Bacon
Jailer Smoky
Irving Bacon was:
Portrait of Dick RichDick Rich
Dick Rich was:
Portrait of Paul HarveyPaul Harvey
Colonel Warren
Paul Harvey was:
Portrait of Herbert AshleyHerbert Ashley
Herbert Ashley was:
Portrait of Alec CraigAlec Craig
Waiter Limey
Alec Craig was:
Portrait of Edgar EdwardsEdgar Edwards
Edgar Edwards was:
Portrait of James FlavinJames Flavin
Officer Johnson
James Flavin was:
Portrait of Paul KrugerPaul Kruger
Paul Kruger was:
Portrait of Jack NortonJack Norton
Jack Norton was:
Portrait of Frank OrthFrank Orth
Frank Orth was:
Portrait of Victor PotelVictor Potel
Victor Potel was:
Portrait of Eva PuigEva Puig
Eva Puig was:
Portrait of Hector V. SarnoHector V. Sarno
Hector V. Sarno was:
Portrait of Lee ShumwayLee Shumway
Lee Shumway was:
Portrait of Philip Van ZandtPhilip Van Zandt
Philip Van Zandt was:
Portrait of Max WagnerMax Wagner
Max Wagner was:
Portrait of Joe WhiteheadJoe Whitehead
Joe Whitehead was:
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