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Poster of Orchestra Wives

Orchestra Wives

Release Date: Friday, September 4 1942 (80 years ago)
Portrait of George MontgomeryGeorge Montgomery
Bill Abbot
George Montgomery was:
Portrait of Ann RutherfordAnn Rutherford
Connie Ward Abbot
Ann Rutherford was:
Portrait of Glenn MillerGlenn Miller
Gene Morrison
Glenn Miller was:
Portrait of Lynn BariLynn Bari
Jaynie Stevens
Lynn Bari was:
Portrait of Carole LandisCarole Landis
Natalie Mercer
Carole Landis was:
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
St. John "Sinjin" Smith
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of Virginia GilmoreVirginia Gilmore
Virginia Gilmore was:
Portrait of Mary Beth HughesMary Beth Hughes
Caroline Steele
Mary Beth Hughes was:
Portrait of Fayard NicholasFayard Nicholas
Dancer (as Nicholas Brothers)
Fayard Nicholas was:
Portrait of Harold NicholasHarold Nicholas
Dancer (as Nicholas Brothers)
Harold Nicholas was:
Portrait of Tamara GevaTamara Geva
Mrs. Betsy Beck
Tamara Geva was:
Portrait of Frank OrthFrank Orth
Rex Willet
Frank Orth was:
Portrait of Grant MitchellGrant Mitchell
Dr. Ward
Grant Mitchell was:
Portrait of Harry MorganHarry Morgan
Cully Anderson
Harry Morgan was:
Portrait of Jackie GleasonJackie Gleason
Ben Beck
Jackie Gleason was:
Portrait of Marion HuttonMarion Hutton
Band Singer (uncredited)
Marion Hutton was:
Portrait of Iris AdrianIris Adrian
Sassy Woman Exiting Bus
Iris Adrian was:
Portrait of Alec CraigAlec Craig
Henry Fink
Alec Craig was:
Portrait of Tex BenekeTex Beneke
Phil Mercer (uncredited)
Tex Beneke was:
Portrait of Tom DuganTom Dugan
Bus Driver (uncredited)
Tom Dugan was:
Portrait of Dale EvansDale Evans
Hazel, Connie's Friend In Drug Store
Dale Evans was:
Portrait of Edith EvansonEdith Evanson
Edith Evanson was:
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