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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Mortuary Academy

Mortuary Academy

Release Date: Sunday, May 8 1988 (34 years ago)
Portrait of Christopher AtkinsChristopher Atkins
Max Grimm
Christopher Atkins was:
Portrait of Perry LangPerry Lang
Sam Grimm
Perry Lang was:
Portrait of Mary WoronovMary Woronov
Mary Purcell
Mary Woronov was:
Portrait of Paul BartelPaul Bartel
Paul Truscott
Paul Bartel was:
Portrait of Lynn Danielson-RosenthalLynn Danielson-Rosenthal
Valerie Levitt
Lynn Danielson-Rosenthal was:
Portrait of Tracey WalterTracey Walter
Don Dickson
Tracey Walter was:
Portrait of Anthony JamesAnthony James
Abbott Smith
Anthony James was:
Portrait of Stoney JacksonStoney Jackson
James Dandridge
Stoney Jackson was:
Portrait of Mark HammondMark Hammond
Larry Hirsch
Mark Hammond was:
Portrait of Wolfman JackWolfman Jack
Bernie Berkowitz
Wolfman Jack was:
Portrait of Karen LorreKaren Lorre
Christie Doll (as Karen Witter)
Karen Lorre was:
Portrait of Richard KennedyRichard Kennedy
George Miller Esq.
Richard Kennedy was:
Portrait of Nedra VolzNedra Volz
Nedra Volz was:
Portrait of Bruce WagnerBruce Wagner
Bruce Wagner was:
Portrait of Megan BlakeMegan Blake
Megan Blake was:
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
Ship's Captain
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of Gary VeneyGary Veney
Gary Veney was:
Portrait of James DaughtonJames Daughton
Yuppie at Car Lot
James Daughton was:
Portrait of Vickie BensonVickie Benson
Vickie Benson was:
Portrait of Zane W. LevittZane W. Levitt
Baby Casket Creditor
Zane W. Levitt was:
Portrait of Dona SpeirDona Speir
Dona Speir was:
Portrait of Kymberly PaigeKymberly Paige
Kymberly Paige was:
Portrait of Rebekka ArmstrongRebekka Armstrong
Rebekka Armstrong was:
Portrait of Laurie Ann CarrLaurie Ann Carr
Laurie Ann Carr was:
Portrait of Nikolas SchreckNikolas Schreck
Radio Werewolf Singer
Nikolas Schreck was:
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