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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Julia Misbehaves

Julia Misbehaves

Release Date: Sunday, August 8 1948 (74 years ago)
Portrait of Greer GarsonGreer Garson
Julia Packett
Greer Garson was:
Portrait of Walter PidgeonWalter Pidgeon
William Sylvester Packett
Walter Pidgeon was:
Portrait of Peter LawfordPeter Lawford
Ritchie Lorgan
Peter Lawford was:
Portrait of Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor
Susan Packett
Elizabeth Taylor was:
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
Fred Ghenoccio
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of Lucile WatsonLucile Watson
Mrs. Packett
Lucile Watson was:
Portrait of Nigel BruceNigel Bruce
Col. Bruce 'Bunny' Willowbrook
Nigel Bruce was:
Portrait of Mary BolandMary Boland
Mrs. Gheneccio
Mary Boland was:
Portrait of Reginald OwenReginald Owen
Benny Hawkins
Reginald Owen was:
Portrait of Henry StephensonHenry Stephenson
Lord Pennystone
Henry Stephenson was:
Portrait of Aubrey MatherAubrey Mather
The Vicar
Aubrey Mather was:
Portrait of Ian WolfeIan Wolfe
Hobson, the Butler
Ian Wolfe was:
Portrait of Fritz FeldFritz Feld
Fritz Feld was:
Portrait of Phyllis MorrisPhyllis Morris
Phyllis Morris was:
Portrait of Veda Ann BorgVeda Ann Borg
Veda Ann Borg was:
Portrait of Sara ShaneSara Shane
Sara Shane was:
Portrait of Candy ToxtonCandy Toxton
Candy Toxton was:
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