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Poster of Flesh and Bullets

Flesh and Bullets

Release Date: Tuesday, January 1 1985 (38 years ago)
Portrait of Glenn McKayGlenn McKay
Roy Hunter
Glenn McKay was:
Portrait of Gail SterlingGail Sterling
Gail Bordon
Gail Sterling was:
Portrait of Mick MorrowMick Morrow
Jeff Bordon
Mick Morrow was:
Portrait of Cydney HillCydney Hill
Dolores Hunter
Cydney Hill was:
Portrait of Gina TobalinaGina Tobalina
Gina Tobalina was:
Portrait of Bill CableBill Cable
Bill Cable was:
Portrait of Michael DemersMichael Demers
Michael Demers was:
Portrait of María PíaMaría Pía
Mrs. Wilson
María Pía was:
Portrait of Yvonne De CarloYvonne De Carlo
Los Angeles Judge
Yvonne De Carlo was:
Portrait of Aldo RayAldo Ray
Police Lieutenant
Aldo Ray was:
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
Santa Monica Judge
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of Cornel WildeCornel Wilde
Police Captain
Cornel Wilde was:
Portrait of Colleen BrennanColleen Brennan
Car Rental Agent
Colleen Brennan was:
Portrait of Michael AndrewMichael Andrew
Motorcycle Police Officer
Michael Andrew was:
Portrait of Robert Z'DarRobert Z'Dar
Robert Z'Dar was:
Portrait of Mai LinMai Lin
Rose Lee - Call Girl
Mai Lin was:
Portrait of Susane NicoleSusane Nicole
Linda - Hooker
Susane Nicole was:
Portrait of Jake MonroyJake Monroy
Wino Jake
Jake Monroy was:
Portrait of Thierry VueringsThierry Vuerings
Bank Manager
Thierry Vuerings was:
Portrait of Mike CartelMike Cartel
Wino Mike
Mike Cartel was:
Portrait of Alexis FairbanksAlexis Fairbanks
Bank Teller
Alexis Fairbanks was:
Portrait of Robin MorrisRobin Morris
Briggie - Call Girl
Robin Morris was:
Portrait of Helman TobalinaHelman Tobalina
Helman Tobalina was:
Portrait of Jack ChappellJack Chappell
Jack Chappell was:
Portrait of Gloria NakamuraGloria Nakamura
Bank Teller
Gloria Nakamura was:
Portrait of Robert SerraRobert Serra
Robert Serra was:
Portrait of Dirk CancelloDirk Cancello
Officer Reynoso
Dirk Cancello was:
Portrait of Steve StephensonSteve Stephenson
Officer Newman
Steve Stephenson was:
Portrait of William MargoldWilliam Margold
Russ - Wrestler
William Margold was:
Portrait of Bill LiebowitzBill Liebowitz
Frank - Wrestler
Bill Liebowitz was:
Portrait of Mari CartelMari Cartel
Rose Greene
Mari Cartel was:
Portrait of Gillian ShantzGillian Shantz
Gillian Shantz was:
Portrait of Barry ValentineBarry Valentine
Barry Valentine was:
Portrait of Debbie ZagazarDebbie Zagazar
Loren Marlowe
Debbie Zagazar was:
Portrait of Karlee ShawKarlee Shaw
Ingrid White
Karlee Shaw was:
Portrait of Mark JameMark Jame
Mark Jame was:
Portrait of James WindburnJames Windburn
Bank Depositor
James Windburn was:
Portrait of Joe Ferrer Jr.Joe Ferrer Jr.
Joe Ferrer Jr. was:
Portrait of Norman C. WhiteNorman C. White
Officer White
Norman C. White was:
Portrait of Gordon Alan ToddGordon Alan Todd
Gordon Alan Todd was:
Portrait of Maurice SchultzMaurice Schultz
Maurice Schultz was:
Portrait of Jose VacarroJose Vacarro
Jose Vacarro was:
Portrait of Casy NovakCasy Novak
Sheila - Keno Girl
Casy Novak was:
Portrait of Ernis St. ClaireErnis St. Claire
The Husband
Ernis St. Claire was:
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