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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of FBI Girl

FBI Girl

Release Date: Sunday, November 4 1951 (71 years ago)
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
Glen Stedman
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of George BrentGeorge Brent
Jeff Donley
George Brent was:
Portrait of Audrey TotterAudrey Totter
Shirley Wayne
Audrey Totter was:
Portrait of Tom DrakeTom Drake
Carl Chercourt
Tom Drake was:
Portrait of Raymond BurrRaymond Burr
Raymond Burr was:
Portrait of Raymond GreenleafRaymond Greenleaf
John Williams
Raymond Greenleaf was:
Portrait of Margia DeanMargia Dean
Natalie Craig
Margia Dean was:
Portrait of Don GarnerDon Garner
Paul Craig
Don Garner was:
Portrait of Alexander PopeAlexander Pope
George "Georgia" Denning
Alexander Pope was:
Portrait of Richard MonahanRichard Monahan
Richard Monahan was:
Portrait of Tommy NoonanTommy Noonan
Tommy Noonan was:
Portrait of Peter MarshallPeter Marshall
Peter Marshall was:
Portrait of Jan KayneJan Kayne
Doris Kaye
Jan Kayne was:
Portrait of Joi LansingJoi Lansing
Susan Matthews
Joi Lansing was:
Portrait of Walter CoyWalter Coy
Walter Coy was:
Portrait of Byron FoulgerByron Foulger
Morgue Clerk
Byron Foulger was:
Portrait of Joel MarstonJoel Marston
Alex Nicholson
Joel Marston was:
Portrait of Marie BlakeMarie Blake
Slum Landlady
Marie Blake was:
Portrait of Fenton EarnshawFenton Earnshaw
Agent Rand
Fenton Earnshaw was:
Portrait of O. Z. WhiteheadO. Z. Whitehead
O. Z. Whitehead was:
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