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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Dangerously Yours

Dangerously Yours

Release Date: Tuesday, September 21 1937 (85 years ago)
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
Victor Morell
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of Phyllis BrooksPhyllis Brooks
Valerie Barton
Phyllis Brooks was:
Portrait of Jane DarwellJane Darwell
Aunt Cynthia Barton
Jane Darwell was:
Portrait of Alan DinehartAlan Dinehart
Julien Stevens
Alan Dinehart was:
Portrait of Natalie GarsonNatalie Garson
Flo Davis
Natalie Garson was:
Portrait of John HarringtonJohn Harrington
Louis Davis
John Harrington was:
Portrait of Douglas WoodDouglas Wood
Walter Chandler
Douglas Wood was:
Portrait of Earle FoxeEarle Foxe
Earle Foxe was:
Portrait of Leon AmesLeon Ames
Leon Ames was:
Portrait of Albert ContiAlbert Conti
Albert Conti was:
Portrait of Leonid SnegoffLeonid Snegoff
Leonid Snegoff was:
Portrait of Stanley AndrewsStanley Andrews
Houston, the Customs Inspector
Stanley Andrews was:
Portrait of Russ ClarkRuss Clark
Russ Clark was:
Portrait of Wallis ClarkWallis Clark
Insurance Agent
Wallis Clark was:
Portrait of Adrienne D'AmbricourtAdrienne D'Ambricourt
Adrienne D'Ambricourt was:
Portrait of Carlos De ValdezCarlos De Valdez
Carlos De Valdez was:
Portrait of Claire Du BreyClaire Du Brey
Ship Passenger
Claire Du Brey was:
Portrait of Ralph DunnRalph Dunn
Ralph Dunn was:
Portrait of James FlavinJames Flavin
James Flavin was:
Portrait of Robert GravesRobert Graves
Minor Role
Robert Graves was:
Portrait of John HamiltonJohn Hamilton
John Hamilton was:
Portrait of Boyd IrwinBoyd Irwin
Diamond Smuggler
Boyd Irwin was:
Portrait of Edward KeaneEdward Keane
Edward Keane was:
Portrait of Louis MercierLouis Mercier
Elevator Operator
Louis Mercier was:
Portrait of Harry MyersHarry Myers
Costume Ball Participant
Harry Myers was:
Portrait of Jean PerryJean Perry
Captain Maynard
Jean Perry was:
Portrait of Gilbert PollettGilbert Pollett
Minor Role
Gilbert Pollett was:
Portrait of Lelah TylerLelah Tyler
Ship Passenger
Lelah Tyler was:
Portrait of Lloyd WhitlockLloyd Whitlock
Diamond Smuggler
Lloyd Whitlock was:
Portrait of Harry WorthHarry Worth
Raymond the Diamond Smuggler
Harry Worth was:
Portrait of Clara Kimball YoungClara Kimball Young
Mrs. Prentiss (uncredited)
Clara Kimball Young was:
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