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Poster of Charlie Chan at Treasure Island

Charlie Chan at Treasure Island

Release Date: Thursday, August 31 1939 (83 years ago)
Portrait of Sidney TolerSidney Toler
Charlie Chan
Sidney Toler was:
Portrait of Victor Sen YungVictor Sen Yung
Jimmy Chan
Victor Sen Yung was:
Portrait of Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
Fred Rhadini
Cesar Romero was:
Portrait of Douglas FowleyDouglas Fowley
Peter Lewis
Douglas Fowley was:
Portrait of Pauline MoorePauline Moore
Eve Cairo
Pauline Moore was:
Portrait of Donald MacBrideDonald MacBride
Deputy Police Chief J.J. Kilvaine
Donald MacBride was:
Portrait of Douglass DumbrilleDouglass Dumbrille
Stewart Salsbury, alias Thomas Gregory
Douglass Dumbrille was:
Portrait of Trevor BardetteTrevor Bardette
Dr. Zodiac's Servant
Trevor Bardette was:
Portrait of Gerald MohrGerald Mohr
Dr. Zodiac (in disguise)
Gerald Mohr was:
Portrait of Wally VernonWally Vernon
Wally Vernon was:
Portrait of June GaleJune Gale
Myra Rhadini
June Gale was:
Portrait of Billie SewardBillie Seward
Mrs. Bessie Sibley
Billie Seward was:
Portrait of Sally BlaneSally Blane
Stella Essex
Sally Blane was:
Portrait of Charles HaltonCharles Halton
Uncle Redley
Charles Halton was:
Portrait of Louis Jean HeydtLouis Jean Heydt
Paul Essex
Louis Jean Heydt was:
Portrait of Jack ChefeJack Chefe
Audience Member
Jack Chefe was:
Portrait of Heinie ConklinHeinie Conklin
First Taxicab Driver
Heinie Conklin was:
Portrait of Sayre DearingSayre Dearing
Audience Member
Sayre Dearing was:
Portrait of Bud GearyBud Geary
Cop at Station House
Bud Geary was:
Portrait of Harold GoodwinHarold Goodwin
Airplane Steward
Harold Goodwin was:
Portrait of Edith HallorEdith Hallor
Toots - Stout Woman
Edith Hallor was:
Portrait of Fred KelseyFred Kelsey
Detective - in Cab and at Theatre
Fred Kelsey was:
Portrait of Al KikumeAl Kikume
Waiter at Hawaiian Village
Al Kikume was:
Portrait of Kay LinakerKay Linaker
Egyptian Princess Ectoplasm
Kay Linaker was:
Portrait of Hank MannHank Mann
Second Taxicab Driver
Hank Mann was:
Portrait of Margaret MannMargaret Mann
Airplane Passenger
Margaret Mann was:
Portrait of Frank MeredithFrank Meredith
Second Detective
Frank Meredith was:
Portrait of Harold MillerHarold Miller
Audience Member
Harold Miller was:
Portrait of Bruce MitchellBruce Mitchell
Police Desk Sergeant
Bruce Mitchell was:
Portrait of Hans MoebusHans Moebus
Audience Member
Hans Moebus was:
Portrait of Bert MoorhouseBert Moorhouse
Audience Member
Bert Moorhouse was:
Portrait of David NewellDavid Newell
Audience Member
David Newell was:
Portrait of Imboden ParrishImboden Parrish
Plane Passenger
Imboden Parrish was:
Portrait of Tom QuinnTom Quinn
Man at Landing Gate
Tom Quinn was:
Portrait of Arthur RankinArthur Rankin
Airways Official
Arthur Rankin was:
Portrait of Fred RapportFred Rapport
Audience Member
Fred Rapport was:
Portrait of Gloria RoyGloria Roy
Plane Passenger
Gloria Roy was:
Portrait of Jeffrey SayreJeffrey Sayre
Man at Landing Gate
Jeffrey Sayre was:
Portrait of Harry StrangHarry Strang
Taxicab Dispatcher
Harry Strang was:
Portrait of Charles TannenCharles Tannen
Plane Passenger
Charles Tannen was:
Portrait of Edwin TuttleEdwin Tuttle
Audience Member
Edwin Tuttle was:
Portrait of John ElliottJohn Elliott
Doctor - Backstage
John Elliott was:
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