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Las travesuras de Morucha

Las travesuras de Morucha

Release Date: 1962-08-28 (59 years ago)
Morucha was:
Manolo Morán
Don Claudio
Manolo Morán was:
Julia Caba Alba
Julia Caba Alba was:
Luis Cuenca
Luis Cuenca was:
Fernando León
Fernando León was:
María del Sol Arce
María del Sol Arce was:
Goyo Lebrero
Goyo Lebrero was:
Consuelo de Nieva
Madre de Juan José
Consuelo de Nieva was:
Gustavo Re
Gustavo Re was:
Irene D'Astrea
Miss Norma
Irene D'Astrea was:
Florencio Calpe
Don Francisco
Florencio Calpe was:
Carolina Jiménez
Carolina Jiménez was:
Ángel Lombarte
Ángel Lombarte was:
Ricardo Ardeval
Ricardo Ardeval was:
Montserrat Porta
Montserrat Porta was:
Mary Alda
Mary Alda was:
Eduardo Lizarza
Eduardo Lizarza was:
Antonio Virgili
Antonio Virgili was:
Francis Casals
Francis Casals was:
Enriqueta Font
Enriqueta Font was:
Cayetano García
Cayetano García was:
Maria Cinta
Maria Cinta was:
Débora Stewart
Débora Stewart was:
Montserrat Fresco
Montserrat Fresco was:
Julia Fernández
Julia Fernández was:
José L. Ramírez
José L. Ramírez was:
Antonio Marín
Antonio Marín was:
Josefina Correa
Josefina Correa was:
Carmen Gil
Carmen Gil was:
Asunción Ginestá
Asunción Ginestá was:
Julia Vilches
Julia Vilches was:
Enrique Escobar
Sacerdote organista (uncredited)
Enrique Escobar was:
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