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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Tri-Star


Release Date: Thursday, February 15 1996 (26 years ago)
Portrait of Leslie CheungLeslie Cheung
Father Zhong Guo Qiang
Leslie Cheung was:
Portrait of Anita YuenAnita Yuen
Bak Suet Fa / Bai Ban
Anita Yuen was:
Portrait of Lau Ching-wanLau Ching-wan
Lau Ching Faat
Lau Ching-wan was:
Portrait of Sunny ChanSunny Chan
Faat's partner
Sunny Chan was:
Portrait of Alvina Kong Yai-YinAlvina Kong Yai-Yin
Nan Nan
Alvina Kong Yai-Yin was:
Portrait of Rocelia FungRocelia Fung
Dong Dong
Rocelia Fung was:
Portrait of Catherine Hung YanCatherine Hung Yan
Catherine Hung Yan was:
Portrait of King-Fai ChungKing-Fai Chung
King-Fai Chung was:
Portrait of Moses ChanMoses Chan
Chen Jun Nan
Moses Chan was:
Portrait of Xiong Xin-XinXiong Xin-Xin
Loanshark Tai
Xiong Xin-Xin was:
Portrait of Bau Hon-LamBau Hon-Lam
Father John
Bau Hon-Lam was:
Portrait of Shing Fui-OnShing Fui-On
Father Robin
Shing Fui-On was:
Portrait of Paul FonoroffPaul Fonoroff
Mormon preacher
Paul Fonoroff was:
Portrait of Raymond WongRaymond Wong
Superintendent Mai
Raymond Wong was:
Portrait of William Fung Kwun-ManWilliam Fung Kwun-Man
William Fung Kwun-Man was:
Portrait of Rain LauRain Lau
Xi Xi
Rain Lau was:
Portrait of Kwan Lee-naKwan Lee-na
Roadside bananas vendor
Kwan Lee-na was:
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