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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Six Million Dollar Man: Wine, Women and War

The Six Million Dollar Man: Wine, Women and War

Release Date: 1973-10-20 (47 years ago)
Lee Majors
Steve Austin
Lee Majors was:
Richard Anderson
Oscar Goldman
Richard Anderson was:
Alan Oppenheimer
Dr. Rudy Wells
Alan Oppenheimer was:
Britt Ekland
Katrina Volana
Britt Ekland was:
Eric Braeden
Arlen Findletter
Eric Braeden was:
Earl Holliman
Harry Donner
Earl Holliman was:
David McCallum
Alexi Kaslov
David McCallum was:
Michele Carey
Cynthia Holland
Michele Carey was:
Lee Bergere
Lee Bergere was:
Simon Scott
Capt. Dawson
Simon Scott was:
Robert F. Simon
Capt. Walker
Robert F. Simon was:
Dennis Rucker
First Officer Meade
Dennis Rucker was:
George Keymas
Patrol Boat Commander
George Keymas was:
Joseph Hindy
Radar Man
Joseph Hindy was:
Don Hanmer
Airline Passenger
Don Hanmer was:
Catherine Ferrar
Catherine Ferrar was:
Bobbie Mitchell
Bobbie Mitchell was:
John Elerick
1st Officer Briggs
John Elerick was:
Rozelle Gayle
1st Bodyguard
Rozelle Gayle was:
Bob Minor
2nd Bodyguard
Bob Minor was:
Martin Balsam
Dr. Rudy Wells (uncredited) (archive footage)
Martin Balsam was:
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