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Release Date: 1952-07-14 (68 years ago)
Johannes Meyer
Theodor Nielsen
Johannes Meyer was:
Ilselil Larsen
Eva Nielsen
Ilselil Larsen was:
Dirch Passer
Ekspeditionssekretær i Kirkeministeriet
Dirch Passer was:
Einar Juhl
Leo Svaneberg
Einar Juhl was:
Randi Michelsen
Sigrid Svaneberg
Randi Michelsen was:
Sigurd Langberg
Købmand Harms
Sigurd Langberg was:
Louis Miehe-Renard
Erik Hansen
Louis Miehe-Renard was:
Carl Carlsen
Carl Carlsen was:
Valdemar Skjerning
Pastor Jerild
Valdemar Skjerning was:
Jørn Jeppesen
Advokat Ludvigsen
Jørn Jeppesen was:
Johannes Marott
Redaktør Svendesen
Johannes Marott was:
Anton De Verdier
Anton De Verdier was:
Jakob Nielsen
Jakob Nielsen was:
Karl Stegger
Karl Stegger was:
Christen Møller
Christen Møller was:
Ejner Federspiel
Ejner Federspiel was:
Helge Kjærulff-Schmidt
Klokker Larsen
Helge Kjærulff-Schmidt was:
Ole Monty
Mand med madpakke
Ole Monty was:
Emil Hass Christensen
Chef i Statsradiofonien
Emil Hass Christensen was:
William Bewer
Ældre herre
William Bewer was:
Per Lassen
Per Lassen was:
Preben Thyrring
Preben Thyrring was:
Carl Ottosen
Ansat i Statsradiofonien
Carl Ottosen was:
Knud Schrøder
Knud Schrøder was:
Arne Westermann
Arne Westermann was:
Poul Secher
Ministerbetjent, der tipper
Poul Secher was:
Knud Hallest
Knud Hallest was:
Aksel Stevnsborg
Oplæser i radioen
Aksel Stevnsborg was:
Ib Fürst
Ib Fürst was:
Hjalmar Madsen
Hjalmar Madsen was:
Mantza Rasmussen
Medlem af kommunalbestyrelsen
Mantza Rasmussen was:
Osvald Vallini
Osvald Vallini was:
Hjalmar Hansen
Hjalmar Hansen was:
Gunnar Bigum
Gunnar Bigum was:
Axel Houlgaard
Axel Houlgaard was:
Inga Reim
Inga Reim was:
Sigvald Larsen
Sigvald Larsen was:
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