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Pas paa svinget i Solby

Pas paa svinget i Solby

Release Date: 1940-08-19 (80 years ago)
Ludvig Brandstrup
Ludvig Brandstrup was:
Berthe Qvistgaard
Marianne Hauge
Berthe Qvistgaard was:
Sigfred Johansen
Pastor Holger Lind
Sigfred Johansen was:
Maria Garland
Tante Marie
Maria Garland was:
Jon Iversen
Jon Iversen was:
Ingeborg Pehrson
Fru Augusta Larsen
Ingeborg Pehrson was:
Sigurd Langberg
Sigurd Langberg was:
Torkil Lauritzen
Tjener Christensen
Torkil Lauritzen was:
Else Jarlbak
Biskoppens kone
Else Jarlbak was:
Ib Schønberg
Doktor Gustav Berg
Ib Schønberg was:
Helge Kjærulff-Schmidt
Helge Kjærulff-Schmidt was:
Connie Meiling
Anna Pedersen
Connie Meiling was:
Tove Arni
Mariannes Veninde
Tove Arni was:
Jens Kjeldby
Jens Kjeldby was:
Henry Nielsen
Henry Nielsen was:
Astrid Villaume
Ung pige ved bal
Astrid Villaume was:
Knud Heglund
Købmand Sigvaldsen
Knud Heglund was:
Edouard Mielche
Edouard Mielche was:
Ellen Margrethe Stein
Ellen Margrethe Stein was:
Jørn Jeppesen
Jørn Jeppesen was:
Victor Cornelius
Victor Cornelius was:
Ego Brønnum-Jacobsen
Ego Brønnum-Jacobsen was:
Käthe Hollesen
Käthe Hollesen was:
Emilie Nielsen
Emilie Nielsen was:
Poul Rohde
Poul Rohde was:
Per Gundmann
Per Gundmann was:
Carl Carlsen
Carl Carlsen was:
Miskow Makwarth
Miskow Makwarth was:
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