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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Kissing Booth 2

The Kissing Booth 2

Release Date: 2020-07-24 (0 years ago)
Joey King
Elle Evans
Joey King was:
Jacob Elordi
Noah Flynn
Jacob Elordi was:
Joel Courtney
Lee Flynn
Joel Courtney was:
Molly Ringwald
Mrs. Flynn
Molly Ringwald was:
Taylor Zakhar Perez
Marco Peña
Taylor Zakhar Perez was:
Maisie Richardson-Sellers
Chloe Winthrop
Maisie Richardson-Sellers was:
Meganne Young
Meganne Young was:
Stephen Jennings
Mr. Evans
Stephen Jennings was:
Carson White
Brad Evans
Carson White was:
Bianca Bosch
Bianca Bosch was:
Camilla Wolfson
Camilla Wolfson was:
Zandile Madliwa
Zandile Madliwa was:
Judd Krok
Judd Krok was:
Sanda Shandu
Sanda Shandu was:
Hilton Pelser
Hilton Pelser was:
Frances Sholto-Douglas
Frances Sholto-Douglas was:
Evan Hengst
Evan Hengst was:
Joshua Daniel Eady
Joshua Daniel Eady was:
Trent Rowe
Trent Rowe was:
Michelle Allen
Michelle Allen was:
Nathan Lynn
Nathan Lynn was:
Byron Langley
Byron Langley was:
Morné Visser
Mr. Flynn
Morné Visser was:
Chloe Williams
Joni Evans / Elle's Mom
Chloe Williams was:
D. David Morin
Principal Mark
D. David Morin was:
Aidan Scott
Harvard Friend 1
Aidan Scott was:
Joseph Gaza
Harvard Friend 2
Joseph Gaza was:
Caleb Swanepoel
Harvard Friend 3
Caleb Swanepoel was:
Dylan Edy
Harward Friend 4
Dylan Edy was:
Julian Place
Noah's Roommate
Julian Place was:
Glen Biderman-Pam
Glen Biderman-Pam was:
Julie Summers
Julie Summers was:
Jason K. Ralph
College Counselor
Jason K. Ralph was:
Robyn Scott
Robyn Scott was:
Kevin Otto
Mr. Johnson
Kevin Otto was:
Amrain Ismail-Essop
Teacher 1
Amrain Ismail-Essop was:
Waldemar Schultz
Homeroom Teacher
Waldemar Schultz was:
Tasche Adams
Keyboard Player
Tasche Adams was:
Maria Pretorius
Maria Pretorius was:
Sean Barenblatt
'Wonderlust' Singer
Sean Barenblatt was:
Shana Mans
'Fantasy Friend Forever' Singer
Shana Mans was:
Toni Jean Erasmus
DDM Competition Judge / USC Professor
Toni Jean Erasmus was:
Jeanne Neilson
Harvard Admissions Officer
Jeanne Neilson was:
Grant Ross
Berkeley Admissions Officer
Grant Ross was:
Motsi Tekateka
DDM Official
Motsi Tekateka was:
Kai Luke Brummer
Marco's Buddy
Kai Luke Brummer was:
Nadia Kretschmer
Mrs. Peña
Nadia Kretschmer was:
Lya du Toit
Marco's Little Sister
Lya du Toit was:
Robin B. Smith
Gazebo Security Guard
Robin B. Smith was:
Cesar Velasquez Ponce
Marco's Voice Double (voice)
Cesar Velasquez Ponce was:
Bianca Amato
Linda (uncredited)
Bianca Amato was:
Carishma Basday
Admissions Officer (uncredited)
Carishma Basday was:
Noa Milan
Busker (uncredited)
Noa Milan was:
Matthew Dylan Roberts
Harvey (uncredited)
Matthew Dylan Roberts was:
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