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Poster of The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask

Release Date: 1998-03-12 (24 years ago)
Portrait of Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio
King Louis XIV / Philippe
Leonardo DiCaprio was:
Portrait of Jeremy IronsJeremy Irons
Jeremy Irons was:
Portrait of Gérard DepardieuGérard Depardieu
Gérard Depardieu was:
Portrait of Gabriel ByrneGabriel Byrne
Gabriel Byrne was:
Portrait of John MalkovichJohn Malkovich
John Malkovich was:
Portrait of Anne ParillaudAnne Parillaud
Queen Mother Anne
Anne Parillaud was:
Portrait of Judith GodrècheJudith Godrèche
Judith Godrèche was:
Portrait of Edward AttertonEdward Atterton
Lt. Andre
Edward Atterton was:
Portrait of Peter SarsgaardPeter Sarsgaard
Peter Sarsgaard was:
Portrait of Hugh LaurieHugh Laurie
King's Advisor
Hugh Laurie was:
Portrait of David LoweDavid Lowe
King's Advisor
David Lowe was:
Portrait of Brigitte BoucherBrigitte Boucher
Madame Rotund
Brigitte Boucher was:
Portrait of Matthew JocelynMatthew Jocelyn
Matthew Jocelyn was:
Portrait of Karine BellyKarine Belly
Karine Belly was:
Portrait of Emmanuel GuttierezEmmanuel Guttierez
King's Friend
Emmanuel Guttierez was:
Portrait of Christian EricksonChristian Erickson
Ballroom Guard
Christian Erickson was:
Portrait of François MontagutFrançois Montagut
Blond Musketeer
François Montagut was:
Portrait of Andrew WallaceAndrew Wallace
Peasant Boy
Andrew Wallace was:
Portrait of Cécile AuclertCécile Auclert
Serving Woman
Cécile Auclert was:
Portrait of Sonia BackersSonia Backers
Serving Woman
Sonia Backers was:
Portrait of Vincent NemethVincent Nemeth
Vincent Nemeth was:
Portrait of Joe SheridanJoe Sheridan
Fortress Keeper
Joe Sheridan was:
Portrait of Olivier HémonOlivier Hémon
Fortress Head Guard
Olivier Hémon was:
Portrait of Michael MorrisMichael Morris
Bastille Gate Guard
Michael Morris was:
Portrait of Emmanuel PatronEmmanuel Patron
Fortress Guard
Emmanuel Patron was:
Portrait of Leonor VarelaLeonor Varela
Ballroom Beauty
Leonor Varela was:
Portrait of Michael HoflandMichael Hofland
Michael Hofland was:
Portrait of Laura FraserLaura Fraser
Bedroom Beauty
Laura Fraser was:
Portrait of Brigitte AuberBrigitte Auber
Queen Mother's Attendant
Brigitte Auber was:
Portrait of Jean-Pol BrissartJean-Pol Brissart
Jean-Pol Brissart was:
Portrait of François GuillaumeFrançois Guillaume
Ponceau (uncredited)
François Guillaume was:
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