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Poster of Je, François Villon, voleur, assassin, poète

Je, François Villon, voleur, assassin, poète

Release Date: 2010-02-03 (12 years ago)
Portrait of Francis RenaudFrancis Renaud
François Villon
Francis Renaud was:
Portrait of Philippe NahonPhilippe Nahon
Guillaume de Villon
Philippe Nahon was:
Portrait of Patrick LizanaPatrick Lizana
Thibaut D'aussigny
Patrick Lizana was:
Portrait of Sagamore StéveninSagamore Stévenin
Colin de Cayeux
Sagamore Stévenin was:
Portrait of Quentin BaillotQuentin Baillot
Guy Tabarie
Quentin Baillot was:
Portrait of Hélène de Saint-PèreHélène de Saint-Père
Catherine de Bruyère
Hélène de Saint-Père was:
Portrait of Gaëlle BonaGaëlle Bona
Gaëlle Bona was:
Portrait of Denis LavantDenis Lavant
Denis Lavant was:
Portrait of Damien JouillerotDamien Jouillerot
Robin Dogis
Damien Jouillerot was:
Portrait of Jean-François GallotteJean-François Gallotte
Maître Polonius
Jean-François Gallotte was:
Portrait of Brigitte BoucherBrigitte Boucher
Brigitte Boucher was:
Portrait of Bruno LochetBruno Lochet
Bruno Lochet was:
Portrait of Pierre-Félix GravièrePierre-Félix Gravière
Regnier de Montigny
Pierre-Félix Gravière was:
Portrait of Rémy RoubakhaRémy Roubakha
Rémy Roubakha was:
Portrait of Jean-Gabriel NordmannJean-Gabriel Nordmann
Charles d'Orléans
Jean-Gabriel Nordmann was:
Portrait of Solène BoutonSolène Bouton
Jeune paysanne
Solène Bouton was:
Portrait of Juliette CroizatJuliette Croizat
La mère de Villon
Juliette Croizat was:
Portrait of Prune BeuchatPrune Beuchat
Prune Beuchat was:
Portrait of Olivier AchardOlivier Achard
Olivier Achard was:
Portrait of Cécile ArnaudCécile Arnaud
La Machecoue
Cécile Arnaud was:
Portrait of Marc PrinMarc Prin
Le procureur
Marc Prin was:
Portrait of Jean-Pascal AbribatJean-Pascal Abribat
Jean-Pascal Abribat was:
Portrait of Hélène FoubertHélène Foubert
La religieuse
Hélène Foubert was:
Portrait of Dimitri RougeulDimitri Rougeul
Dimitri Rougeul was:
Portrait of Patrick GuérineauPatrick Guérineau
Chef bande
Patrick Guérineau was:
Portrait of Jicey CarinaJicey Carina
Shepherd and seller of rats (uncredited)
Jicey Carina was:
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