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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle

Release Date: 2017-08-10 (3 years ago)
Brie Larson
Jeannette Walls
Brie Larson was:
Woody Harrelson
Rex Walls
Woody Harrelson was:
Naomi Watts
Rose Mary Walls
Naomi Watts was:
Max Greenfield
Max Greenfield was:
Sarah Snook
Lori Walls
Sarah Snook was:
Ella Anderson
Jeannette Walls (Age 10)
Ella Anderson was:
Chandler Head
Jeannette Walls (Age 5 and 6)
Chandler Head was:
Olivia Kate Rice
Lori Walls (Age 7)
Olivia Kate Rice was:
Sadie Sink
Lori Walls (Age 12)
Sadie Sink was:
Josh Caras
Brian Walls
Josh Caras was:
Iain Armitage
Brian Walls (Age 5)
Iain Armitage was:
Charlie Stowell
Young Brian Walls
Charlie Stowell was:
Brigette Lundy-Paine
Maureen Walls
Brigette Lundy-Paine was:
Charlie Guyon
Baby Maureen Walls
Charlie Guyon was:
Noemie Guyon
Baby Maureen Walls
Noemie Guyon was:
Eden Grace Redfield
Maureen Walls (Age 3 )
Eden Grace Redfield was:
Shree Crooks
Maureen Walls (Age 7)
Shree Crooks was:
Dominic Bogart
Dominic Bogart was:
Joe Pingue
Joe Pingue was:
Charlie Shotwell
Brian Walls (Age 7)
Charlie Shotwell was:
Alanna Bale
Alanna Bale was:
Andrew Shaver
Dr. Taylor
Andrew Shaver was:
Nathaly Thibault
Business Woman
Nathaly Thibault was:
Kyra Harper
Miss Bivens
Kyra Harper was:
Hamza Haq
Hamza Haq was:
Kenny Wong
Restaurant Manager
Kenny Wong was:
Chris Gillett
Mr. Thompson
Chris Gillett was:
Darrin Baker
Pool Manager
Darrin Baker was:
Tyrone Benskin
Tyrone Benskin was:
Sabrina Campilii
Sabrina Campilii was:
Philippe Hartmann
NYC Deli Patron
Philippe Hartmann was:
Samantha Hodhod
Samantha Hodhod was:
Tessa Mossey
Tessa Mossey was:
Sarah Camacho
Sarah Camacho was:
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