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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Granny

The Granny

Release Date: Tuesday, May 23 1995 (27 years ago)
Portrait of Stella StevensStella Stevens
Granny (Anastasia Gargoli)
Stella Stevens was:
Portrait of Shannon WhirryShannon Whirry
Shannon Whirry was:
Portrait of Luca BercoviciLuca Bercovici
Namon Ami
Luca Bercovici was:
Portrait of Brant von HoffmanBrant von Hoffman
Brant von Hoffman was:
Portrait of Sandy HelbergSandy Helberg
Sandy Helberg was:
Portrait of Patricia SturgesPatricia Sturges
Patricia Sturges was:
Portrait of Heather Elizabeth ParkhurstHeather Elizabeth Parkhurst
Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst was:
Portrait of Ryan BollmanRyan Bollman
Ryan Bollman was:
Portrait of Teresa GanzelTeresa Ganzel
Teresa Ganzel was:
Portrait of Joseph BernardJoseph Bernard
Mr. Sadler
Joseph Bernard was:
Portrait of Dan WorenDan Woren
Dan Woren was:
Portrait of Anthony HickoxAnthony Hickox
Anthony Hickox was:
Portrait of Patrick KilpatrickPatrick Kilpatrick
Patrick Kilpatrick was:
Portrait of Janelle ParadeeJanelle Paradee
Janelle Paradee was:
Portrait of Kedric WolfeKedric Wolfe
Dr. Hardy
Kedric Wolfe was:
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