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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Taking of Beverly Hills

The Taking of Beverly Hills

Release Date: Thursday, October 10 1991 (30 years ago)
Portrait of Ken WahlKen Wahl
Boomer Hayes
Ken Wahl was:
Portrait of Matt FrewerMatt Frewer
Ed Kelvin
Matt Frewer was:
Portrait of Harley Jane KozakHarley Jane Kozak
Laura Sage
Harley Jane Kozak was:
Portrait of Robert DaviRobert Davi
Robert Masterson
Robert Davi was:
Portrait of Lee VingLee Ving
Lee Ving was:
Portrait of Branscombe RichmondBranscombe Richmond
Branscombe Richmond was:
Portrait of Lyman WardLyman Ward
Chief Healy
Lyman Ward was:
Portrait of Michael BowenMichael Bowen
L.A. Cop at Roadblock
Michael Bowen was:
Portrait of William PrinceWilliam Prince
Mitchell Sage
William Prince was:
Portrait of Michael G. KehoeMichael G. Kehoe
Cop / Thief #1
Michael G. Kehoe was:
Portrait of Mark HainingMark Haining
Cop / Thief #2
Mark Haining was:
Portrait of Jason BlickerJason Blicker
Cop / Thief #3
Jason Blicker was:
Portrait of Tony GaniosTony Ganios
Tony Ganios was:
Portrait of Ken SwoffordKen Swofford
Ken Swofford was:
Portrait of Raymond SingerRaymond Singer
Mr. Tobeason
Raymond Singer was:
Portrait of Richard BrestoffRichard Brestoff
Executive #1
Richard Brestoff was:
Portrait of Artur CybulskiArtur Cybulski
Executive #2
Artur Cybulski was:
Portrait of Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson was:
Portrait of Alonna ShawAlonna Shaw
Party Guest
Alonna Shaw was:
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