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Poster of MacArthur


Release Date: Friday, July 1 1977 (45 years ago)
Portrait of Gregory PeckGregory Peck
Douglas MacArthur
Gregory Peck was:
Portrait of Ivan BonarIvan Bonar
Lt. Gen. Richard K. Sutherland
Ivan Bonar was:
Portrait of Ward CostelloWard Costello
Gen. George C. Marshall
Ward Costello was:
Portrait of Nicolas CosterNicolas Coster
Colonel Sidney Huff
Nicolas Coster was:
Portrait of Marj DusayMarj Dusay
Jean MacArthur
Marj Dusay was:
Portrait of Ed FlandersEd Flanders
President Harry S. Truman
Ed Flanders was:
Portrait of Warde DonovanWarde Donovan
General Shepherd
Warde Donovan was:
Portrait of Branscombe RichmondBranscombe Richmond
Korean Soldier
Branscombe Richmond was:
Portrait of Jerry HollandJerry Holland
Jerry Holland was:
Portrait of Robert V. BarronRobert V. Barron
POW (uncredited)
Robert V. Barron was:
Portrait of Art FlemingArt Fleming
The Secretary
Art Fleming was:
Portrait of Russell JohnsonRussell Johnson
Admiral King
Russell Johnson was:
Portrait of Sandy KenyonSandy Kenyon
General Wainwright
Sandy Kenyon was:
Portrait of Robert MandanRobert Mandan
Representative Martin
Robert Mandan was:
Portrait of Allan MillerAllan Miller
Colonel Diller
Allan Miller was:
Portrait of Dan O'HerlihyDan O'Herlihy
President Roosevelt
Dan O'Herlihy was:
Portrait of Dick O'NeillDick O'Neill
Colonel Whitney
Dick O'Neill was:
Portrait of Addison PowellAddison Powell
Admiral Nimitz
Addison Powell was:
Portrait of Tom RosquiTom Rosqui
General Sampson
Tom Rosqui was:
Portrait of G. D. SpradlinG. D. Spradlin
General Eichelberger
G. D. Spradlin was:
Portrait of Kenneth TobeyKenneth Tobey
Admiral Halsey
Kenneth Tobey was:
Portrait of Garry WalbergGarry Walberg
General Walker
Garry Walberg was:
Portrait of Lane AllanLane Allan
General Marquat
Lane Allan was:
Portrait of Barry CoeBarry Coe
Television Reporter
Barry Coe was:
Portrait of Everett CooperEverett Cooper
General Krueger
Everett Cooper was:
Portrait of Charles CyphersCharles Cyphers
General Harding
Charles Cyphers was:
Portrait of Manuel DePinaManuel DePina
Manuel DePina was:
Portrait of Jesse DizonJesse Dizon
Jesse Dizon was:
Portrait of Philip KenneallyPhilip Kenneally
Admiral Doyle
Philip Kenneally was:
Portrait of John McKeeJohn McKee
Admiral Leahy
John McKee was:
Portrait of Walter O. MilesWalter O. Miles
General Kenney
Walter O. Miles was:
Portrait of Gerald PetersGerald Peters
General Blamey
Gerald Peters was:
Portrait of Eugene PetersonEugene Peterson
General Collins
Eugene Peterson was:
Portrait of Beulah QuoBeulah Quo
Ah Cheu
Beulah Quo was:
Portrait of Alex RodineAlex Rodine
General Derevyanko
Alex Rodine was:
Portrait of Yuki ShimodaYuki Shimoda
Prime Minister Shidehara
Yuki Shimoda was:
Portrait of Fred StuthmanFred Stuthman
General Bradley
Fred Stuthman was:
Portrait of Harvey VernonHarvey Vernon
Admiral Sherman
Harvey Vernon was:
Portrait of William Wellman Jr.William Wellman Jr.
Lieutenant Bulkeley
William Wellman Jr. was:
Portrait of John FujiokaJohn Fujioka
Emperor Hirohito (uncredited)
John Fujioka was:
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