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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of CIA II: Target Alexa

CIA II: Target Alexa

Release Date: Monday, December 6 1993 (28 years ago)
Portrait of Lorenzo LamasLorenzo Lamas
Mark Graver
Lorenzo Lamas was:
Portrait of Kathleen KinmontKathleen Kinmont
Kathleen Kinmont was:
Portrait of John SavageJohn Savage
Franz Kluge
John Savage was:
Portrait of John Saint RyanJohn Saint Ryan
Ralph Straker (as John Ryan)
John Saint Ryan was:
Portrait of Lori FetrickLori Fetrick
Lori Fetrick was:
Portrait of Branscombe RichmondBranscombe Richmond
General Mendosa
Branscombe Richmond was:
Portrait of Pamela DixonPamela Dixon
Chief Robin
Pamela Dixon was:
Portrait of Al SapienzaAl Sapienza
Al Sapienza was:
Portrait of Sandee Van DykeSandee Van Dyke
Sandee Van Dyke was:
Portrait of Michael ChongMichael Chong
Col. Trang
Michael Chong was:
Portrait of Daryl Keith RoachDaryl Keith Roach
Daryl Keith Roach was:
Portrait of Gary WoodGary Wood
Gary Wood was:
Portrait of Larry ManettiLarry Manetti
Larry Manetti was:
Portrait of Ned Van ZandtNed Van Zandt
Store Clerk
Ned Van Zandt was:
Portrait of Richard EhrlichRichard Ehrlich
Lab Tech
Richard Ehrlich was:
Portrait of Robert LavettaRobert Lavetta
Gate Supervisor
Robert Lavetta was:
Portrait of Matthew David SmithMatthew David Smith
Gate Guard
Matthew David Smith was:
Portrait of Dick MartinsenDick Martinsen
Dick Martinsen was:
Portrait of Mitchell SacharoffMitchell Sacharoff
Mitchell Sacharoff was:
Portrait of Tim ColceriTim Colceri
CIA Guard
Tim Colceri was:
Portrait of Anthony De LongisAnthony De Longis
Gate Mercenary
Anthony De Longis was:
Portrait of Art CamachoArt Camacho
Art Camacho was:
Portrait of Steven NovakSteven Novak
Macho Mercenary
Steven Novak was:
Portrait of Ryal HaakensonRyal Haakenson
Rural Townee
Ryal Haakenson was:
Portrait of Jay LasoffJay Lasoff
Jay Lasoff was:
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