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Poster of Action Jackson

Action Jackson

Release Date: Friday, February 12 1988 (34 years ago)
Portrait of Carl WeathersCarl Weathers
Sgt. Jericho 'Action' Jackson
Carl Weathers was:
Portrait of Craig T. NelsonCraig T. Nelson
Peter Dellaplane
Craig T. Nelson was:
Portrait of VanityVanity
Sydney Ash
Vanity was:
Portrait of Sharon StoneSharon Stone
Patrice Dellaplane
Sharon Stone was:
Portrait of Thomas F. WilsonThomas F. Wilson
Officer Kornblau
Thomas F. Wilson was:
Portrait of Robert DaviRobert Davi
Tony Moretti
Robert Davi was:
Portrait of Bill DukeBill Duke
Capt. Earl Armbruster
Bill Duke was:
Portrait of Jack ThibeauJack Thibeau
Detective Kotterwell
Jack Thibeau was:
Portrait of Roger Aaron BrownRoger Aaron Brown
Officer Lack
Roger Aaron Brown was:
Portrait of Stan FosterStan Foster
Albert Smith
Stan Foster was:
Portrait of Mary Ellen TrainorMary Ellen Trainor
Mary Ellen Trainor was:
Portrait of Ed O'RossEd O'Ross
Frank Stringer
Ed O'Ross was:
Portrait of De'voreaux WhiteDe'voreaux White
De'voreaux White was:
Portrait of Bob MinorBob Minor
Bob Minor was:
Portrait of David Glen EisleyDavid Glen Eisley
David Glen Eisley was:
Portrait of Dennis HaydenDennis Hayden
Dennis Hayden was:
Portrait of Brian LibbyBrian Libby
Brian Libby was:
Portrait of Matt LandersMatt Landers
Desk Sgt. #1
Matt Landers was:
Portrait of Thomas WagnerThomas Wagner
Desk Sgt. #2
Thomas Wagner was:
Portrait of Al LeongAl Leong
Dellaplane's Chauffeur
Al Leong was:
Portrait of Prince HughesPrince Hughes
Prince Hughes was:
Portrait of Branscombe RichmondBranscombe Richmond
Poolroom Thug #2
Branscombe Richmond was:
Portrait of James LewJames Lew
Martial Arts Instructor
James Lew was:
Portrait of Miguel A. Núñez, Jr.Miguel A. Núñez, Jr.
Poolroom Thug #1
Miguel A. Núñez, Jr. was:
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