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The Knife

The Knife

Release Date: 1999-03-19 (22 years ago)
Žarko Laušević
Alija Osmanović / Ilija Jugović
Žarko Laušević was:
Bojana Maljević
Milica Janković
Bojana Maljević was:
Aleksandar Berček
Halil 'Sikter' Efendija
Aleksandar Berček was:
Ljiljana Blagojević
Rabija Osmanović
Ljiljana Blagojević was:
Petar Božović
Sabahudin Aga / Atifaga Tanović
Petar Božović was:
Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic
Nićifor Jugović
Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic was:
Nikola Kojo
Milan Vilenjak
Nikola Kojo was:
Dragan Nikolić
Dragan Nikolić was:
Mira Banjac
Nana Hikmeta
Mira Banjac was:
Dragan Maksimović
Dragan Maksimović was:
Marko Baćović
Četnički vojvoda
Marko Baćović was:
Branko Babović
Branko Babović was:
Nebojša Bakočević
Ustaški lekar
Nebojša Bakočević was:
Branimir Brstina
Vojnik za volanom
Branimir Brstina was:
Dalibor Delibašić
Dalibor Delibašić was:
Vojin Ćetković
Ljubo Nikšićanin
Vojin Ćetković was:
Slobodan Ćustić
Husein Osmanović
Slobodan Ćustić was:
Vladan Dujović
Vladan Dujović was:
Aleksandar Dunić
Aleksandar Dunić was:
Boris Isaković
Hodža koji nasleđuje Valiju
Boris Isaković was:
Jasmina Većanski
Jasmina Većanski was:
Milutin Jevdjenijevic
jedan od Osmanovića
Milutin Jevdjenijevic was:
Nenad Jezdić
Atifaga Tanović (mlad)
Nenad Jezdić was:
Dubravko Jovanović
Bratoljub Jugovic, Alijin otac
Dubravko Jovanović was:
Miodrag Kapor
mladi Jugović
Miodrag Kapor was:
Ljiljana Kontić
Ljiljana Kontić was:
Bojana Kovačević
Bojana Kovačević was:
Ranko Kovačević
Ranko Kovačević was:
Miodrag Krivokapić
Risto Krivodolac
Miodrag Krivokapić was:
Srna Lango
Srna Lango was:
Mira Maric
Mira Maric was:
Cvijeta Mesić
Miličina tetka
Cvijeta Mesić was:
Milica Mihajlović
Milica Mihajlović was:
Boris Milivojević
Boris Milivojević was:
Jovan Osmajlić
Jovan Osmajlić was:
Mihajlo 'Bata' Paskaljević
Mihajlo 'Bata' Paskaljević was:
Dragan Petrović
Dragan Petrović was:
Mijat Radonjić
Mijat Radonjić was:
Ras Rastoder
Ras Rastoder was:
Mile Stanković
Mile Stanković was:
Goran Sultanović
Ustaški satnik
Goran Sultanović was:
Душан Тадић
Душан Тадић was:
Vlastimir Velisavljević
Vlastimir Velisavljević was:
Olivera Viktorović
Olivera Viktorović was:
Mirko Vlahović
Mirko Vlahović was:
Dragan Zarić
Đorđe Vilenjak
Dragan Zarić was:
Bojana Zečević
Bojana Zečević was:
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