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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Megaforce


Release Date: Friday, June 25 1982 (40 years ago)
Portrait of Barry BostwickBarry Bostwick
Ace Hunter
Barry Bostwick was:
Portrait of Michael BeckMichael Beck
Michael Beck was:
Portrait of Persis KhambattaPersis Khambatta
Major Zara
Persis Khambatta was:
Portrait of Edward MulhareEdward Mulhare
Gen. Edward Byrne-White
Edward Mulhare was:
Portrait of George FurthGeorge Furth
Prof. Eggstrum
George Furth was:
Portrait of Henry SilvaHenry Silva
Duke Guerera
Henry Silva was:
Portrait of Ralph WilcoxRalph Wilcox
Zachary Taylor
Ralph Wilcox was:
Portrait of Evan C. KimEvan C. Kim
Evan C. Kim was:
Portrait of Anthony PenaAnthony Pena
Anthony Pena was:
Portrait of Roger LoweRoger Lowe
Roger Lowe was:
Portrait of Robert FullerRobert Fuller
Robert Fuller was:
Portrait of Hal NeedhamHal Needham
Technician (uncredited)
Hal Needham was:
Portrait of Mike KulcsarMike Kulcsar
Mike Kulcsar was:
Portrait of J. Víctor LópezJ. Víctor López
J. Víctor López was:
Portrait of Michael CarvenMichael Carven
Michael Carven was:
Portrait of Bobby BassBobby Bass
Bobby Bass was:
Portrait of Samir KamounSamir Kamoun
Samir Kamoun was:
Portrait of Youssef MerhiYoussef Merhi
Radio Operator
Youssef Merhi was:
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