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Release Date: 1970-01-25 (51 years ago)
George C. Scott
Gen. George S. Patton Jr.
George C. Scott was:
Stephen Young
Capt. Chester B. Hansen
Stephen Young was:
Frank Latimore
Lieutenant Colonel Henry Davenport
Frank Latimore was:
Karl Michael Vogler
Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
Karl Michael Vogler was:
Karl Malden
Gen. Omar N. Bradley
Karl Malden was:
Michael Strong
Brig. Gen. Hobart Carver
Michael Strong was:
Carey Loftin
General Bradley's driver
Carey Loftin was:
Lawrence Dobkin
Colonel Gaston Bell
Lawrence Dobkin was:
Albert Dumortier
Moroccan minister
Albert Dumortier was:
Morgan Paull
Captain Richard N. Jenson
Morgan Paull was:
Bill Hickman
General Patton's driver
Bill Hickman was:
Pat Zurica
First Lieutenant Alexander Stiller
Pat Zurica was:
James Edwards
Sergeant William George Meeks
James Edwards was:
David Bauer
Lieutenant General Harry Buford
David Bauer was:
John Barrie
Air Vice-Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham
John Barrie was:
Richard Münch
Colonel General Alfred Jodl
Richard Münch was:
Siegfried Rauch
Captain Oskar Steiger
Siegfried Rauch was:
Michael Bates
Field Marshal Sir Bernard Law Montgomery
Michael Bates was:
Paul Stevens
Lieutenant Colonel Charles R. Codman
Paul Stevens was:
Gerald Flood
Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder
Gerald Flood was:
Jack Gwillim
General Sir Harold Alexander
Jack Gwillim was:
Edward Binns
Major General Walter Bedell Smith
Edward Binns was:
Peter Barkworth
Colonel John Welkin
Peter Barkworth was:
Lionel Murton
Third Army chaplain
Lionel Murton was:
David Healy
David Healy was:
Sandy McPeak
Sandy McPeak was:
Douglas Wilmer
Major General Francis de Guingand
Douglas Wilmer was:
John Doucette
Major General Lucian K. Truscott
John Doucette was:
Tim Considine
Soldier Who Gets Slapped
Tim Considine was:
Abraxas Aaran
Abraxas Aaran was:
Clint Ritchie
Tank Captain
Clint Ritchie was:
Alan MacNaughtan
British Briefing Officer
Alan MacNaughtan was:
Florencio Amarilla
Soldier (uncredited)
Florencio Amarilla was:
Brandon Brady
Lieutenant Young (uncredited)
Brandon Brady was:
Charles Dennis
Soldier (uncredited)
Charles Dennis was:
Paul Frees
Voice (voice) (uncredited)
Paul Frees was:
Dolores Judson
Knustford Welcome Club Dignitary (uncredited)
Dolores Judson was:
Hellmut Lange
Major Dorian von Haarenwege (uncredited)
Hellmut Lange was:
Bruce Rhodewalt
Cynical Wounded Soldier (uncredited)
Bruce Rhodewalt was:
Lowell Thomas
Himself - Movietone News Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
Lowell Thomas was:
Harry Towb
American GI Cook (uncredited)
Harry Towb was:
Billy Kearns
Officer Callagher (uncredited)
Billy Kearns was:
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