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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Angels in the Outfield

Angels in the Outfield

Release Date: 1951-10-19 (69 years ago)
Paul Douglas
Aloysius X. 'Guffy' McGovern
Paul Douglas was:
Janet Leigh
Jennifer Paige
Janet Leigh was:
Keenan Wynn
Fred Bayles
Keenan Wynn was:
Donna Corcoran
Bridget White
Donna Corcoran was:
Lewis Stone
Commissioner Arnold P. Hapgood
Lewis Stone was:
Spring Byington
Sister Edwitha
Spring Byington was:
Bruce Bennett
Saul Hellman
Bruce Bennett was:
Marvin Kaplan
Timothy Durney
Marvin Kaplan was:
Ellen Corby
Sister Veronica
Ellen Corby was:
Jeff Richards
Dave Rothberg
Jeff Richards was:
John Gallaudet
Joe Reynolds
John Gallaudet was:
King Donovan
Mack McGee
King Donovan was:
Don Haggerty
Rube Ronson
Don Haggerty was:
Fred Graham
Chunk (coach)
Fred Graham was:
Barbara Billingsley
Hat Check Girl in Restaurant (uncredited)
Barbara Billingsley was:
Bing Crosby
Himself (uncredited)
Bing Crosby was:
Joe DiMaggio
Himself (uncredited)
Joe DiMaggio was:
Pat Flaherty
Boston Braves Manager (uncredited)
Pat Flaherty was:
Douglas Fowley
Cab Driver (uncredited)
Douglas Fowley was:
Peter Graves
Radio Announcer (uncredited)
Peter Graves was:
Richard Hale
Dr. Blane, Psychiatrist (uncredited)
Richard Hale was:
Bill Hickman
1st Reporter (uncredited)
Bill Hickman was:
Tor Johnson
Wrestler on TV (uncredited)
Tor Johnson was:
Dick Simmons
Larry Moss (uncredited)
Dick Simmons was:
James Whitmore
Angel (voice) (uncredited)
James Whitmore was:
Sam Harris
Steakhouse Diner
Sam Harris was:
Harold Miller
Baseball Fan
Harold Miller was:
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