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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Shadow of a Doubt

Shadow of a Doubt

Release Date: Saturday, April 27 1991 (31 years ago)
Portrait of Mark HarmonMark Harmon
Charles Spencer
Mark Harmon was:
Portrait of Margaret WelshMargaret Welsh
Charlie Newton
Margaret Welsh was:
Portrait of Norm SkaggsNorm Skaggs
Gary Graham
Norm Skaggs was:
Portrait of William LanteauWilliam Lanteau
Henry Newton
William Lanteau was:
Portrait of Rick LenzRick Lenz
Herb Hawkins
Rick Lenz was:
Portrait of Diane LaddDiane Ladd
Emma Spencer Newton
Diane Ladd was:
Portrait of Shirley KnightShirley Knight
Helen Potter
Shirley Knight was:
Portrait of Tippi HedrenTippi Hedren
Teresa Mathewson
Tippi Hedren was:
Portrait of Sydney WalkerSydney Walker
Mr. Granville
Sydney Walker was:
Portrait of Seth SmithSeth Smith
Bobby Newton
Seth Smith was:
Portrait of Bianca RoseBianca Rose
Midge Newton
Bianca Rose was:
Portrait of Michael Ray WiselyMichael Ray Wisely
Rick Saunders
Michael Ray Wisely was:
Portrait of Fran LishFran Lish
Mrs. Granville
Fran Lish was:
Portrait of Olivia CharlesOlivia Charles
Miss Claybourne
Olivia Charles was:
Portrait of John GaviganJohn Gavigan
Medical Examiner
John Gavigan was:
Portrait of Romy RosemontRomy Rosemont
Romy Rosemont was:
Portrait of Ken GranthamKen Grantham
Rev. Hayworth
Ken Grantham was:
Portrait of Richard LaToucheRichard LaTouche
Richard LaTouche was:
Portrait of Jason KertelJason Kertel
Jason Kertel was:
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