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Poster of Punchline


Release Date: Friday, October 7 1988 (34 years ago)
Portrait of Sally FieldSally Field
Lilah Krytsick
Sally Field was:
Portrait of Tom HanksTom Hanks
Steven Gold
Tom Hanks was:
Portrait of John GoodmanJohn Goodman
John Krytsick
John Goodman was:
Portrait of Mark RydellMark Rydell
Mark Rydell was:
Portrait of Kim GreistKim Greist
Madeline Urie
Kim Greist was:
Portrait of Paul MazurskyPaul Mazursky
Paul Mazursky was:
Portrait of Damon WayansDamon Wayans
Damon Wayans was:
Portrait of Taylor NegronTaylor Negron
Albert Emperato
Taylor Negron was:
Portrait of Pam MattesonPam Matteson
Utica Blake
Pam Matteson was:
Portrait of George McGrathGeorge McGrath
Brian, the Singing Nun
George McGrath was:
Portrait of Barry NeikrugBarry Neikrug
Barry Neikrug was:
Portrait of Ángel SalazarÁngel Salazar
Ángel Salazar was:
Portrait of Joycee KatzJoycee Katz
Joycee Katz was:
Portrait of Mac RobbinsMac Robbins
Billy Lane
Mac Robbins was:
Portrait of Max AlexanderMax Alexander
Mister Ball
Max Alexander was:
Portrait of Paul KozlowskiPaul Kozlowski
Jerry Petroviak
Paul Kozlowski was:
Portrait of Barry SobelBarry Sobel
Robyn Green
Barry Sobel was:
Portrait of Marty PollioMarty Pollio
Juggling Comic
Marty Pollio was:
Portrait of Katie RichKatie Rich
Katie Rich was:
Portrait of Charles David RichardsCharles David Richards
Maitre D'
Charles David Richards was:
Portrait of Casey SanderCasey Sander
Ernie the Bartender
Casey Sander was:
Portrait of Michael PollockMichael Pollock
Piano Player
Michael Pollock was:
Portrait of Wanda BalayWanda Balay
Waitress of the Gas Station
Wanda Balay was:
Portrait of Tiffany TerryTiffany Terry
Waitress of the Gas Station
Tiffany Terry was:
Portrait of Christiane EdenChristiane Eden
Waitress of the Gas Station
Christiane Eden was:
Portrait of Renna BogdanowiczRenna Bogdanowicz
Waitress of the Gas Station
Renna Bogdanowicz was:
Portrait of Susan MichaelSusan Michael
Waitress of the Gas Station
Susan Michael was:
Portrait of Kimberly L. RyusakiKimberly L. Ryusaki
Waitress of the Gas Station
Kimberly L. Ryusaki was:
Portrait of Consuela NanceConsuela Nance
Waitress of the Gas Station
Consuela Nance was:
Portrait of Barbara CollierBarbara Collier
Waitress of the Gas Station
Barbara Collier was:
Portrait of Darunee Doa HaleDarunee Doa Hale
Waitress of the Gas Station
Darunee Doa Hale was:
Portrait of Andrea AdamsAndrea Adams
Waitress of the Gas Station
Andrea Adams was:
Portrait of Marcy Del CamposMarcy Del Campos
Waitress of the Gas Station
Marcy Del Campos was:
Portrait of Candace Cameron BureCandace Cameron Bure
Carrie Krytsick
Candace Cameron Bure was:
Portrait of Laura JacobyLaura Jacoby
Jenny Krytsick
Laura Jacoby was:
Portrait of Bianca RoseBianca Rose
Heidi Krytsick
Bianca Rose was:
Portrait of Ron UlstadRon Ulstad
Madeline's Boss
Ron Ulstad was:
Portrait of Howard WellerHoward Weller
Crew-Cut Talent Scout
Howard Weller was:
Portrait of Richard ParkerRichard Parker
Talent Scout with Glasses
Richard Parker was:
Portrait of George WallaceGeorge Wallace
Man with Arm in Cast
George Wallace was:
Portrait of Andrew ParkerAndrew Parker
Boy on Gurney
Andrew Parker was:
Portrait of Randy FechterRandy Fechter
Young Doctor
Randy Fechter was:
Portrait of Angela BennettAngela Bennett
Angela Bennett was:
Portrait of Bob ZmudaBob Zmuda
Audience Participants and Hecklers
Bob Zmuda was:
Portrait of Mark Eric CharbonneauMark Eric Charbonneau
Audience Participants and Hecklers (as Mark Helm)
Mark Eric Charbonneau was:
Portrait of John KirbyJohn Kirby
Marketing Man
John Kirby was:
Portrait of George WallaceGeorge Wallace
Doctor Wishniak (as George D. Wallace)
George Wallace was:
Portrait of Sam H. GinsburgSam H. Ginsburg
Sam, The Laughing Patient
Sam H. Ginsburg was:
Portrait of Cameron ThorCameron Thor
Audience Participants and Hecklers
Cameron Thor was:
Portrait of James C. LewisJames C. Lewis
Audience Participants and Hecklers
James C. Lewis was:
Portrait of George NovogroderGeorge Novogroder
Audience Participants and Hecklers
George Novogroder was:
Portrait of Suzanne RainsSuzanne Rains
Audience Participants and Hecklers
Suzanne Rains was:
Portrait of Susan AvantsSusan Avants
Audience Participants and Hecklers
Susan Avants was:
Portrait of Scott WilliamsScott Williams
Audience Participants and Hecklers
Scott Williams was:
Portrait of Carin BadgerCarin Badger
Audience Participants and Hecklers
Carin Badger was:
Portrait of Sharon SteinSharon Stein
Audience Participants and Hecklers
Sharon Stein was:
Portrait of Eva DunlapEva Dunlap
Audience Participants and Hecklers
Eva Dunlap was:
Portrait of Robina SuwolRobina Suwol
Robina Suwol was:
Portrait of Robert BrittonRobert Britton
Robert Britton was:
Portrait of Mark GoldsteinMark Goldstein
Mark Goldstein was:
Portrait of Melissa TufeldMelissa Tufeld
Mark's Wife
Melissa Tufeld was:
Portrait of Dottie ArchibaldDottie Archibald
Mrs. Ball
Dottie Archibald was:
Portrait of Susie EssmanSusie Essman
Lilah's Hairdresser
Susie Essman was:
Portrait of Joey VegaJoey Vega
Waiter in Coffee Shop
Joey Vega was:
Portrait of Ben HartiganBen Hartigan
Older Clergyman
Ben Hartigan was:
Portrait of Jimmy BroganJimmy Brogan
Younger Clergyman
Jimmy Brogan was:
Portrait of Crane JacksonCrane Jackson
Second Faculty Examiner
Crane Jackson was:
Portrait of Rich RamirezRich Ramirez
Taxi Driver
Rich Ramirez was:
Portrait of Mike StarrMike Starr
Man with Bullhorn
Mike Starr was:
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