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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Heathers


Release Date: Friday, March 31 1989 (33 years ago)
Portrait of Winona RyderWinona Ryder
Veronica Sawyer
Winona Ryder was:
Portrait of Christian SlaterChristian Slater
Jason 'J.D.' Dean
Christian Slater was:
Portrait of Shannen DohertyShannen Doherty
Heather Duke
Shannen Doherty was:
Portrait of Lisanne FalkLisanne Falk
Heather McNamara
Lisanne Falk was:
Portrait of Kim WalkerKim Walker
Heather Chandler
Kim Walker was:
Portrait of Penelope MilfordPenelope Milford
Pauline Fleming
Penelope Milford was:
Portrait of Glenn ShadixGlenn Shadix
Father Ripper
Glenn Shadix was:
Portrait of Lance FentonLance Fenton
Kurt Kelly
Lance Fenton was:
Portrait of Jennifer RhodesJennifer Rhodes
Veronica's Mom
Jennifer Rhodes was:
Portrait of Jeremy ApplegateJeremy Applegate
Peter Dawson
Jeremy Applegate was:
Portrait of Patrick LabyorteauxPatrick Labyorteaux
Ram Sweeney
Patrick Labyorteaux was:
Portrait of Jon MatthewsJon Matthews
Jon Matthews was:
Portrait of Carrie LynnCarrie Lynn
Martha Dunnstock / Dumptruck
Carrie Lynn was:
Portrait of Phill LewisPhill Lewis
Phill Lewis was:
Portrait of Renée EstevezRenée Estevez
Betty Finn
Renée Estevez was:
Portrait of John ZarchenJohn Zarchen
Country Club Keith
John Zarchen was:
Portrait of William CortWilliam Cort
Veronica's Dad
William Cort was:
Portrait of John IngleJohn Ingle
Principal Gowan
John Ingle was:
Portrait of Stuart MabrayStuart Mabray
Counselor Paul Hyde
Stuart Mabray was:
Portrait of Sherrie WillsSherrie Wills
Country Club Courtney
Sherrie Wills was:
Portrait of Larry CoxLarry Cox
Larry Cox was:
Portrait of Kent StoddardKent Stoddard
Kent Stoddard was:
Portrait of Mark CarltonMark Carlton
Kurt's Dad
Mark Carlton was:
Portrait of Curtiss MarloweCurtiss Marlowe
Curtiss Marlowe was:
Portrait of Andrew BenneAndrew Benne
Fat Cynic
Andrew Benne was:
Portrait of Kevin HardestyKevin Hardesty
1st Heavy Metaller in Pkg. Lot
Kevin Hardesty was:
Portrait of Josh RichmanJosh Richman
2nd Heavy Metaller in Pkg. Lot
Josh Richman was:
Portrait of Bess MeyerBess Meyer
Female Stoner
Bess Meyer was:
Portrait of Betty RameyBetty Ramey
Teacher in Conference Room
Betty Ramey was:
Portrait of Aaron MendelsohnAaron Mendelsohn
Nerd in Pauline's Class
Aaron Mendelsohn was:
Portrait of Kirk ScottKirk Scott
Big Bud Dean
Kirk Scott was:
Portrait of Mark BringelsonMark Bringelson
Officer McCord
Mark Bringelson was:
Portrait of Chuck LafontChuck Lafont
Officer Milner
Chuck Lafont was:
Portrait of Christie MellorChristie Mellor
Squealing Girl in Parking Lot
Christie Mellor was:
Portrait of James 'Poorman' TrentonJames 'Poorman' Trenton
'Hot Probs' D.J
James 'Poorman' Trenton was:
Portrait of Adrian DrakeAdrian Drake
Gruff Teacher
Adrian Drake was:
Portrait of Craig BraginskyCraig Braginsky
Student (uncredited)
Craig Braginsky was:
Portrait of Michael LindströmMichael Lindström
Student (uncredited)
Michael Lindström was:
Portrait of David McConnellDavid McConnell
Student in the Gym (uncredited)
David McConnell was:
Portrait of Mike PontMike Pont
Student in Cafeteria (uncredited)
Mike Pont was:
Portrait of Sylvia TobiasSylvia Tobias
Student (uncredited)
Sylvia Tobias was:
Portrait of Jeffrey WeissmanJeffrey Weissman
Voice Actor (uncredited)
Jeffrey Weissman was:
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