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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Winged Creatures

Winged Creatures

Release Date: 2008-06-24 (12 years ago)
Dakota Fanning
Anne Hagen
Dakota Fanning was:
Josh Hutcherson
Jimmy Jaspersen
Josh Hutcherson was:
Forest Whitaker
Charlie Archenault
Forest Whitaker was:
Guy Pearce
Dr Bruce Laraby
Guy Pearce was:
Kate Beckinsale
Carla Davenport
Kate Beckinsale was:
Jeanne Tripplehorn
Doris Hagen
Jeanne Tripplehorn was:
Jennifer Hudson
Kathy Archenault
Jennifer Hudson was:
Jackie Earle Haley
Bob Jaspersen
Jackie Earle Haley was:
Marshall Allman
Dan the Bellhop
Marshall Allman was:
James Babson
Bike Shop Owner
James Babson was:
Jacquie Barnbrook
Lori's Mom
Jacquie Barnbrook was:
Ankur Bhatt
Cubicle Neighbour
Ankur Bhatt was:
Kevin Cooney
Travis Carlson
Kevin Cooney was:
Embeth Davidtz
Lydia Jaspersen
Embeth Davidtz was:
Michael Drummond
Prayer Group Kid #2
Michael Drummond was:
Kevin Durand
Kevin Durand was:
Andrew Fiscella
Numbers Man
Andrew Fiscella was:
Soren Fulton
Soren Fulton was:
Gina Gallego
Gina Gallego was:
Ted Garcia
Funeral Reporter
Ted Garcia was:
Troy Garity
Ron Abler
Troy Garity was:
Walton Goggins
Walton Goggins was:
Beth Grant
Carla's Mom
Beth Grant was:
Gwen Holloway
Social Worker
Gwen Holloway was:
Cohl Klop
Prayer Group Kid #1
Cohl Klop was:
Mela Lee
Internal Medicine Receptionist (voice)
Mela Lee was:
Elaine Loh
Losing Gambler
Elaine Loh was:
Brooke Mackenzie
Brooke Mackenzie was:
Hayley McFarland
Lori Carline
Hayley McFarland was:
Jamie McShane
Jamie McShane was:
Debrah Neal
Casino Lounge Singer
Debrah Neal was:
Lu Parker
TV Reporter
Lu Parker was:
Randall Park
Randall Park was:
Lara Phillips
Lara Phillips was:
Tarina Pouncy
ICU Nurse
Tarina Pouncy was:
Jeff Rector
Jeff Rector was:
Santos Reyes
Santos Reyes was:
Al Ruscio
Al Ruscio was:
Kent Shocknek
TV Reporter
Kent Shocknek was:
Robin Weigert
Lydia Jaspersen
Robin Weigert was:
Whittni Wright
Whittni Wright was:
Tim Guinee
Aaron Hagen
Tim Guinee was:
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