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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Willy's Wonderland

Willy's Wonderland

Release Date: 2021-02-12 (0 years ago)
Nicolas Cage
The Janitor
Nicolas Cage was:
Emily Tosta
Liv Hawthorne
Emily Tosta was:
Beth Grant
Sheriff Eloise Lund
Beth Grant was:
Ric Reitz
Tex Macadoo
Ric Reitz was:
Chris Warner
Jed Love
Chris Warner was:
Kai Kadlec
Chris Muley
Kai Kadlec was:
Caylee Cowan
Kathy Barnes
Caylee Cowan was:
Jonathan Mercedes
Dan Lorraine
Jonathan Mercedes was:
Terayle Hill
Bob McDaniel
Terayle Hill was:
Christian Delgrosso
Aaron Powers
Christian Delgrosso was:
David Sheftell
Evan Olson
David Sheftell was:
Grant Cramer
Jerry Wallace
Grant Cramer was:
Chris Padilla
Jim Hawthorne
Chris Padilla was:
Olga Cramer
Judy Hawthorne
Olga Cramer was:
Jiri Stanek
Willy Weasel
Jiri Stanek was:
Taylor Towery
Cammy Chameleon
Taylor Towery was:
Chris Schmidt Jr.
Tito Turtle
Chris Schmidt Jr. was:
Austin Perez
Gus Gorilla
Austin Perez was:
B.J. Guyer
Ozzie Ostrich
B.J. Guyer was:
Christopher Bradley
Arty Alligator
Christopher Bradley was:
Jessica Graves Davis
Siren Sara
Jessica Graves Davis was:
Duke Jackson
Knighty Knight
Duke Jackson was:
Willy Weasel (voice)
Émoi was:
Madisun Leigh
Cammy Chameleon (voice)
Madisun Leigh was:
Abel Arias
Tito Turtle (voice) / Ozzie Ostrich (voice)
Abel Arias was:
Mark Gagliardi
Gus Gorilla (voice)
Mark Gagliardi was:
Luke James Donnelly
Arty Alligator (voice)
Luke James Donnelly was:
Waverly Dooley
Siren Sara (voice)
Waverly Dooley was:
Jenner Michaels
Knighty Knight (voice)
Jenner Michaels was:
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