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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Paradise

Release Date: 2007-10-01 (13 years ago)
Crystal Bernard
Debbie Laramie
Crystal Bernard was:
Bobby Edner
Hayden Laramie
Bobby Edner was:
Brian Dennehy
Bobby Brown
Brian Dennehy was:
William Shockley
Kent Dylan
William Shockley was:
Beth Grant
Frances Loren
Beth Grant was:
Ken Jenkins
Reverend McNamara
Ken Jenkins was:
Nick Searcy
Reverend Ellington
Nick Searcy was:
Brad Stine
John Sullivan
Brad Stine was:
Danielle Dearing
Church Goer
Danielle Dearing was:
Paul Ganus
Paul Ganus was:
Elizabeth Dennehy
Helen Brown
Elizabeth Dennehy was:
Lorilynn Failor
Twyla Twain
Lorilynn Failor was:
Loy Edge
Nate Twain
Loy Edge was:
Michael Tyler Henry
Donnie Bottinelli
Michael Tyler Henry was:
Kelly Lazarus
Kelly Lazarus was:
Marianne Muellerleile
Doris Fargo
Marianne Muellerleile was:
Timothy Stack
Eugene Fennig
Timothy Stack was:
Michael Seaman
Scott Sullivan
Michael Seaman was:
Jim O'Heir
Fred Fargo
Jim O'Heir was:
Lou Beatty Jr.
Trevor Goodman
Lou Beatty Jr. was:
Cynthia Boris
Church Goer
Cynthia Boris was:
Brianne Costa
Snobby Girl
Brianne Costa was:
Doug Cox
Doug Cox was:
Lisa Angelina Green
Lisa Angelina Green was:
Bailey Huff
Schoolyard Bully
Bailey Huff was:
Chris Kato
Chris Kato was:
Kenny Kato
Kenny Kato was:
Shelby Kern
Bailey's Friend
Shelby Kern was:
Robbie Moore
Church Member
Robbie Moore was:
Emily Pennington
Emily Pennington was:
Connie Ray
Patsy Nellis
Connie Ray was:
Leslie Riley
Leslie Riley was:
Evan Sabara
Evan Sabara was:
Emma Stack
Emma Stack was:
Winnie Stack
Winnie Stack was:
Jennifer Titus
Young Mother
Jennifer Titus was:
Lindsay Weems
Lindsay Weems was:
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