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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Wizard

The Wizard

Release Date: 1989-12-15 (31 years ago)
Fred Savage
Corey Woods
Fred Savage was:
Luke Edwards
Jimmy Woods
Luke Edwards was:
Jenny Lewis
Jenny Lewis was:
Beau Bridges
Sam Woods
Beau Bridges was:
Christian Slater
Nick Woods
Christian Slater was:
Vince Trankina
Vince Trankina was:
Jackey Vinson
Jackey Vinson was:
Wendy Phillips
Christine Bateman
Wendy Phillips was:
Sam McMurray
Sam McMurray was:
Will Seltzer
Will Seltzer was:
Frank McRae
Frank McRae was:
Marisa DeSimone
Mora Grissom
Marisa DeSimone was:
Thomas Stanczyk
Rick the Video Counselor
Thomas Stanczyk was:
Dea McAllister
Dea McAllister was:
Beth Grant
Diner Manager
Beth Grant was:
Lee Arenberg
Armageddon Registrar
Lee Arenberg was:
Steven Grives
Armageddon Announcer
Steven Grives was:
Roy Conrad
Bus Clerk
Roy Conrad was:
Roderick Dexter
Trucker #1
Roderick Dexter was:
Ray Bickel
Trucker #2
Ray Bickel was:
Chuck Skinner
Grease Monkey
Chuck Skinner was:
W.K. Cowan
Salesman #1
W.K. Cowan was:
William C. Thompson
Salesman #2
William C. Thompson was:
Sonny Dukes
Sonny Dukes was:
T. Dan Hopkins
Old Navajo
T. Dan Hopkins was:
Jason Oliver Lipsett
Tough Teen #1
Jason Oliver Lipsett was:
Rowden Metzger
Tough Teen #2
Rowden Metzger was:
Preston Lee
Tough Teen #3
Preston Lee was:
Gregor Hesse
Younger Boy
Gregor Hesse was:
Tom Kerley
Pinball Teen
Tom Kerley was:
Gene Skillen
Gene Skillen was:
Blair Anthony
Hotel Security
Blair Anthony was:
Jacqueline Lear
Bubblegum Girl
Jacqueline Lear was:
Valana C. Hatter
Diner Waitress
Valana C. Hatter was:
Terri Lynn Neish
Poolside Waitress
Terri Lynn Neish was:
Zed Frizzelle
Lucas' Buddy
Zed Frizzelle was:
Jim Pirri
Studio Tour Guide
Jim Pirri was:
David D'Ovidio
Armageddon Official
David D'Ovidio was:
Neo Edmund
Max (uncredited)
Neo Edmund was:
Candace Hill
Gamer (uncredited)
Candace Hill was:
Tobey Maguire
Lucas' Goon at Video Armageddon (uncredited)
Tobey Maguire was:
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