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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Dark Half

The Dark Half

Release Date: 1993-04-23 (28 years ago)
Timothy Hutton
Thad Beaumont / George Stark
Timothy Hutton was:
Amy Madigan
Liz Beaumont
Amy Madigan was:
Michael Rooker
Sheriff Alan Pangborn
Michael Rooker was:
Julie Harris
Reggie DeLesseps
Julie Harris was:
Robert Joy
Fred Clawson
Robert Joy was:
Kent Broadhurst
Mike Donaldson
Kent Broadhurst was:
Beth Grant
Shayla Beaumont
Beth Grant was:
Rutanya Alda
Miriam Cowley
Rutanya Alda was:
Tom Mardirosian
Rick Cowley
Tom Mardirosian was:
Larry John Meyers
Dr. Pritchard
Larry John Meyers was:
Patrick Brannan
Young Thad Beaumont
Patrick Brannan was:
Royal Dano
Digger Holt
Royal Dano was:
Glenn Colerider
Homer Gamache
Glenn Colerider was:
Chelsea Field
Annie Pangborn
Chelsea Field was:
Christine Forrest
Trudy Wiggins
Christine Forrest was:
Jeff Monahan
Jeff Monahan was:
Jeff Howell
Jeff Howell was:
Rik Billock
Donaldson Cop #2
Rik Billock was:
David Early
Officer #2
David Early was:
Sarah Parker
Wendy Beaumont / William Beaumont
Sarah Parker was:
Elizabeth Parker
Wendy Beaumont / William Beaumont
Elizabeth Parker was:
William Cameron
Officer Hamilton
William Cameron was:
Rohn Thomas
Dr. Albertson
Rohn Thomas was:
Molly Renfroe
Molly Renfroe was:
Judy Grafe
Head Nurse
Judy Grafe was:
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